Sunday, May 30, 2010

Unending Surprises

Chapter 3      Unending Surprises

Simone's fear vanished into thick air, when she arrived at the land of Mozaacca. She felt a fresh energy gushing through her whole body. Feriana was flying around trying to wake her up from her trance. She could see the " Rivulet of God". She blinked her eyes again and again to see that the clouds were looking at her and smiling. Feriana asked her to raise her hands and to her surprise she could touch the sky and pamper the clouds.  She could see all sorts of animals , birds, trees, flowers  and so many other things she could not name greeting her. Feriana introduced her to its family. Every one in Mozaacca were surprised and a bit scared to see her. Feriana convinced them that she was not of any threat to them. They invited her to their capitol.

On their way, Feriana showed Dalubla's castle to Simone. It was beautiful and not scary. It did not look like a castle, that could sow destruction. Nobody knew what Dalubla wanted from them. She spread the venom of destruction not too often. Simone did not gloss over her thoughts from Feriana.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Surprises awaits Simone

Chapter 2 Surprises awaits Simone

Simone felt sorry for the little creature, but she was also excited about the way things had turned out. Ferian continued with a pang in his heart. "Everything was going smoothly, until the land was struck by a holocaust named Dalubla".

Nobody knew from where she came. She appeared in the land of Mozaacca, out of thick air. Ferian shuddered at the very thought of Dalubla. Her nose was too long and curved at the end. Her eyes emanated violence. She wore a long, loose black robe with a hat on her head. It is said that sometimes blood drooled from her mouth. When she spoke her nose spewed smoke. Her nose was too curved at the end that it touched her upper lips. She had long, sharp nails which could easily pierce anything.

Simone felt excitement running through her veins. She went near to Feriana and touched it gently to make sure that she was not dreaming. It was buttery.

Feriana went on with its story without realising her smooth touch. One day Dalubla became so angry that she wreaked havoc in the land of Mozaacca. None dared to come out of their hiding and I was the only one whom she got her hands on. I was running for my life and in the struggle, I fell and I did not know where I was now?".

" Hallo! I am Simone and you are in my room, trying to get into my book - " The Land of Mozaacca". Simone said with a smile on her face. " But how did you save yourself Feriana? she asked with a perplexed look.

" In my land there flows the "Rivulet of God". No wicked person could cross it. I crossed it and thus saved myself. I am trying to get on to my land again...Would you help me, Simone?...Feriana asked.

" Dalubla is sowing destruction and still you want to get in to that place again"... Simone asked  with a frown.

" Mozaacca is my world and besides my friends and family are there and how can I leave them. Feriana sighed.

" How can I help you?...Simone asked.

" Take me in your hands and lift me up to the entrance. I will swoop from there. ...Feriana answered with a smile.

Simone took it in her hand and lifted it up. Feeling happy it thanked her for her  kindheartedness and said she  very well fitted their place.

As it was about to pounce to its land, a whirlwind blew , which made Feriana loose its balance and it hung on Simone's hand. She was trembling with fear as her hand with Feriana clinging on to it was now in the land of Mozaacca. She could not retrieve it back.

The wind was blowing severely and the force from the other side was too tremendous that she had to give in and along with Feriana she landed in the beautiful world of virtues - The Land of Mozaacca.

(to be continued)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Simone's adventure trip to Mozaacca

Chapter 1 -  Dreaming Simone

Simone was dozing with her book opened. It was always a tough ordeal for her.She struggled hard to open her eyes and keep on reading. Stuffing  head with complicated things was not something she really wanted.There were so many other things she loved to do. She liked walking in the rain that made her euphoric.  She loved talking to the flowers, trees and birds ,  splatter water in the nearby rivulet, stride along the beach or sit idle looking at the horizon. 

Though she loathed studies, Simone loved reading books.It always took her in a flight of imagination.It gave her a wide and stretched canopy, where she nurtured her fantacies. She could not read the book which her dad bought her for her birthday as homeworks were mounting.

The thoughts that lingered in her mind always bore fruit as  a beautiful dream. She has made a lot of friends, the fairy Clemenca, the rabbit granpa, the rat granny...the list is endless. They were her friends . Her thoughts knew no bounds.

It was then the clock struck ten.She could not take it any more. She brushed her teeth and changed to her  pajamas and was fast asleep. 

She was awaken by a thud on her door.She looked around and saw none. It was half past twelve.As she was about to get on to her bed she saw something creeping inside the book which her dad bought for her. She closely looked at the book which was dancing like waves. She pinched herself to realise that she was not having a wild dream. Simone went to the table with silent footsteps, where the book was dancing. She could hear a murmur from it which was difficult to comprehend.

Woooosh......a tiny creature fell at her feet...Ooooooo...aahhhh...ooops...It was a like a roller coaster ride. It was trying to creep inside ,and something inside the book prevented it and hurled the tiny creature back to the floor. Simone watched  the tiny creature trying to get inside the book, until it saw her.

"Oh no....don't...please...don't ...". It requested Simone with its folded hands and closed eyes. She was ecstatic. Everything looked incredible to her, but  all real. She understood that it was scared. Simone sat in her knees and in a low voice asked " Who are you?, do not be afraid...What is your name?".

The tiny creature opened its eyes and gave a deep sigh. It looked all around with a panic. When Simone convinced it that there was nothing to be afraid of, it started speaking.It said it was from a land called Mozaacca-  a land where nothing but virtues thrived, where flowers, trees, fruits never withered, where at morning sun bestowed its warmth  and moon retained it at night, where birds never chirped, but only sang, where breeze said secrets to the mountains, where goodness and only goodness flourished...Simone was closely watching it as it was saying its story.

It was too tiny  and  resembled a cherub. She really liked the look of it. It was beautiful and wore nothing. It has wings which was finely layered . The face was too angelic that it exuded an aura. But it was frenzied. 

" Where is it?...the tiny creature asked in between the conversation. " Yup..I got it.

" What is it?, Simone asked.

" My staff' answered with a twinkle in his eyes.

" You didn't tell your name yet". Simone asked it with a smile.

" I am Ferenia, the guardian of the Land of Mozaacca." it said with pride blended with sadness.

" You are from a wonderful land with nothing but virtues and goodness...But I  do not understand why you are here trying to crawl into my book" Simone asked with grave tone.

" Your book...It's our land"....Now its no more a safe haven. It has become inauspicious", Ferenia answered with tears in his eyes.

( to be continued)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Love - Heath Ledger

A Tribute to Heath Ledger

I fell in love with him when he was no more.

I did not know that he wasn’t alive when I was watching his movie ‘The Dark Knight’.
He was a terrifying joker, but to me he appeared fascinating and captivating.

I fell for him before I knew his name.

I browsed the net to know his name. I couldn’t believe he was just 28.
I again browsed to know him more and the words that caught my eyes were ‘A Tribute to Heath Ledger’.

I was not shocked for somewhere inside the deep contours of my heart, I heard a voice saying ‘He is here…feel him, touch him…

10 things I love about you…..nope….it is not 10, it is 100….Oh no! It’s much more...

His lovely long curls…
His cute dimples…
His husky voice…
His deep emotions...

Hmm…I could smell him.feel him...touch him...

He is not handsome, but he is my Heath.
He is Heath Ledger. That’s only I want to know.
He is my Casanova

In the darkness of night, I hear him singing to me...."You're just too good to be true, Can't take my eyes off you...

Oh...I Love You, Heath

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Unfading Memories.

Sandra did not realise how far she had gone. She was panting and the road looked as if it would not end. She missed her bus. She should have taken an auto to get to the office. But she chose to walk and reached late. Everything happened as she expected. MD yelled at her for not turning up on time and marked half day leave for being late by twenty minutes .

She took her seat and the files that piled upon her table seemed like a hill, not easy to climb and she had no intention of climbing it either. She just sat still. She was finding it difficult to hold her mind. When Sanam, her collegue asked why was she too late, Sandra blinked her eyes and said " I missed the bus".

She checked her mails and found one from her mother and the other from her long lost friend. She knew the content of the first letter without even opening it. Esha, her long time and now lost friend was inquiring about her whereabouts. Esha could not attend her marriage as she had flown to San Fransisco with her husband. Memories started gnawing her. She did not feel like working and had no intention of asking her boss to grant  her the leave, but was relieved to find that he would leave soon as he had a meeting.

Sandra left office by 1.30. As she did not want to go home soon ,she decided to take a stroll along the beach. The breeze and the azure water calmed her for a while.

"Oh no!...John, you are spoiling my gown". Sandra yelled.

" Come on Sandra...." John went on splashing water on her.

"That was our wedding day", Sandra thought.
John loved beaches. It was his plan to go to the beach after we got married. It was a wild plan, but a good one. I have never seen  John so happy. My gown drenched, but I did not mind. I was so happy to be with him. 

It has been six years...

Sandra was feeling tired, when she got home. She cuddled herself in the bed and in no time, she was fast asleep.

 She could see the deep abyss...could feel the freezing chill piercing her body. The water was not placid.It was furious and wild. The peak stood too tall as if it could touch the canopy and the  chasm  which was too deep was hard to fathom. 
She could see them on the peak, clasping against each other, being unaware of the fury that was brewing around them. They cling to each other as if there was no tomorrow only, today to live. They were happy, calm and contended. The raging waterfalls could not divert them not for a while. They were just

The wind sow the raze. She could hear her own scream..."John....John...John...". John fell into the unfathomable gorge. She opened her eyes, sweat rolling down her cheeks. She saw John smiling at him in a framed photograph. She smiled back and rushed to pick her son from the school.


Best of A.R. Rehman- The Music Maestro

Enjoy this song. I am sure you would like it.

An image that calms mind and the body - Lord Krishna

Her Self

Sitha was bewildered to find a woman standing a few yards away from her." Who are you", Sitha asked. The woman came closer. Sitha was mystified to see her replica. The woman said "Do not ask me who I am, but ask yourself, you will get the answer. I am your self, Sitha. Do not be frightened of me. You always escaped me". 
Sitha was stuck to the root. " What do you mean that I always escaped you." 

"You never listened to your heart. You always glossed over your feelings. You lived with your sincerity, but failed miserably to live with your heart. You lived as a good daughter, wife, mother and a queen, but not as a woman you truly are. You always yielded to your circumstances. But it's time to wake up from the deep slumber and face the life as the woman you are"

Sitha was perplexed and said  " I do not understand"

" Close your eyes and remember the war that waged for you", the woman said.
Sitha closed her eyes. " What do you see now?, the woman asked.

Sitha could hear the battling swords, the neigh of the panicked horses, arrows being hurled in the air.

Sitha answered " I could see...I could see..."

The woman continued " Fix your eyes on the battle and tell me the face that you see.

Perplexed Sitha opened her eyes quickly for the image of Ravana struck her first.

Sitha murmured " Ravana...Ravana..."

The woman went on " This is Ravana, who abducted you, because he loves you. He abducted you to make you his queen. He abducted you for he coulnot live without you. Ravana did not last without you. He died for you. He ruined his kingdom for you. This is the same Ravana who pledged not to touch you, until he gain your consent. He could have given you back to save him and his empire. But he chose death, just  for you Sitha."

Tears welled in Sitha's eyes. She was keenly listening to her self. Sitha thought " Ram forsaken me to do his duty as a King. I was abandoned mercilessly in the forest. I was pregnant then. It was not enough to melt the King's heart. I was a queen, but lived with my children in the forest. Ram never had any suspicions about my fidelity. He knew it, but kept mum. He could have told the whole world of my loyalty, but preferred to remain quiet. Why? Is this the law and justice of the King.Why he chose to remain quiet. The subjects of Ayodhya believed their King, yet he never told them that his wife was devoid of any stigma. Did he really love me?. I was a good mother and wife. But was he a good husband?.  Why Ram? You could have saved me from the humiliation. You did not do it. You once asked for this sacrifice, but not again. Sitha would never go through this humiliation again. This will be the end of it".

Sitha opened her eyes. She was standing in the court of King Rama with whole Ayodhya watching. She looked in the eyes of Rama. She is Sitha, not ready to take any more humiliation. She looked above and prayed to her mother Earth to take her away from this entanglement and make her free. Tears rolling down her cheeks, she prayed and prayed until the earth split and there rose here mother seated in a throne.

Sitha said " Mother, take me away and make me free and let the mother earth not bear any humiliation committed against woman".

Mother earth stretched her hands, took her daughter in an embrace. They vanished into thick air.


Her Conflicting Mind

Sitha shuddered at her husband's decision. She had to scream again from the rooftop that she had committed nothing wrong She saw thousands of inquisitive eyes interrogating her.She could bear it and it alluded her concern.But when her eyes met her sons' gaze she could not take it. She looked again and was relieved to see that their gaze did not spurt any suspicions. It told nothing, but offered solace. With reverence, she looked at her husband Ram, who always loved her. She knew that neither Ram nor his subjects nurtured any suspicions about her. She could not understand the logic behind her husband's decision. He told her that as a husband he believed her, but as a King it was his responsibility to show his subjects that their queen was innocent and nothing went wrong between her and Ravana, while she was abducted.

She wondered how Ram could make such a discretion between a King and a husband. Sitha felt as if she was going to faint. Her vision blurred. She could not see anything. When she opened her eyes, she found her lonely. Neither her husband nor her sons were there. She listened to the calmness and loneliness that enveloped her. She could hear water flowing in the nearby brook.The breeze touched her lips... The birds chirped... The leaves danced... It soothed he mind for a while. 

Everything ceased all of a sudden.The brook stopped its course...the birds went silent...the breeze detoured...the leaves went still...Her surrounding became too silent that she could hear her heart pounding. She could hear a voice calling her name. She looked around, but saw none. Her gaze followed the infinity. She wanted to drink the water from River Lethe to quell all memories haunting her. She was awakened from her deep thoughts when she heard her name. She turned around to find someone standing beside her. Who was it?

How long she has to prove herself?

Her image kept recurring in my mind...her eyes never drained...all alone...never complaining...taking life in its stride. She had everything, but possessed nothing.

She was Sitha Devy.

Sitha Devy was a mythological character who became a deep rooted concept in the minds of Indian women. She was hailed as the epitome of chastity. She was the wife of Lord Rama and their story was' Ramayana'. ...I was not going to write that story in detail. I was concerned only about her feelings, the  feelings she had when she was asked by her husband to prove her  chastity.