Thursday, May 27, 2010

Simone's adventure trip to Mozaacca

Chapter 1 -  Dreaming Simone

Simone was dozing with her book opened. It was always a tough ordeal for her.She struggled hard to open her eyes and keep on reading. Stuffing  head with complicated things was not something she really wanted.There were so many other things she loved to do. She liked walking in the rain that made her euphoric.  She loved talking to the flowers, trees and birds ,  splatter water in the nearby rivulet, stride along the beach or sit idle looking at the horizon. 

Though she loathed studies, Simone loved reading books.It always took her in a flight of imagination.It gave her a wide and stretched canopy, where she nurtured her fantacies. She could not read the book which her dad bought her for her birthday as homeworks were mounting.

The thoughts that lingered in her mind always bore fruit as  a beautiful dream. She has made a lot of friends, the fairy Clemenca, the rabbit granpa, the rat granny...the list is endless. They were her friends . Her thoughts knew no bounds.

It was then the clock struck ten.She could not take it any more. She brushed her teeth and changed to her  pajamas and was fast asleep. 

She was awaken by a thud on her door.She looked around and saw none. It was half past twelve.As she was about to get on to her bed she saw something creeping inside the book which her dad bought for her. She closely looked at the book which was dancing like waves. She pinched herself to realise that she was not having a wild dream. Simone went to the table with silent footsteps, where the book was dancing. She could hear a murmur from it which was difficult to comprehend.

Woooosh......a tiny creature fell at her feet...Ooooooo...aahhhh...ooops...It was a like a roller coaster ride. It was trying to creep inside ,and something inside the book prevented it and hurled the tiny creature back to the floor. Simone watched  the tiny creature trying to get inside the book, until it saw her.

"Oh no....don't...please...don't ...". It requested Simone with its folded hands and closed eyes. She was ecstatic. Everything looked incredible to her, but  all real. She understood that it was scared. Simone sat in her knees and in a low voice asked " Who are you?, do not be afraid...What is your name?".

The tiny creature opened its eyes and gave a deep sigh. It looked all around with a panic. When Simone convinced it that there was nothing to be afraid of, it started speaking.It said it was from a land called Mozaacca-  a land where nothing but virtues thrived, where flowers, trees, fruits never withered, where at morning sun bestowed its warmth  and moon retained it at night, where birds never chirped, but only sang, where breeze said secrets to the mountains, where goodness and only goodness flourished...Simone was closely watching it as it was saying its story.

It was too tiny  and  resembled a cherub. She really liked the look of it. It was beautiful and wore nothing. It has wings which was finely layered . The face was too angelic that it exuded an aura. But it was frenzied. 

" Where is it?...the tiny creature asked in between the conversation. " Yup..I got it.

" What is it?, Simone asked.

" My staff' answered with a twinkle in his eyes.

" You didn't tell your name yet". Simone asked it with a smile.

" I am Ferenia, the guardian of the Land of Mozaacca." it said with pride blended with sadness.

" You are from a wonderful land with nothing but virtues and goodness...But I  do not understand why you are here trying to crawl into my book" Simone asked with grave tone.

" Your book...It's our land"....Now its no more a safe haven. It has become inauspicious", Ferenia answered with tears in his eyes.

( to be continued)

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