Sunday, May 30, 2010

Unending Surprises

Chapter 3      Unending Surprises

Simone's fear vanished into thick air, when she arrived at the land of Mozaacca. She felt a fresh energy gushing through her whole body. Feriana was flying around trying to wake her up from her trance. She could see the " Rivulet of God". She blinked her eyes again and again to see that the clouds were looking at her and smiling. Feriana asked her to raise her hands and to her surprise she could touch the sky and pamper the clouds.  She could see all sorts of animals , birds, trees, flowers  and so many other things she could not name greeting her. Feriana introduced her to its family. Every one in Mozaacca were surprised and a bit scared to see her. Feriana convinced them that she was not of any threat to them. They invited her to their capitol.

On their way, Feriana showed Dalubla's castle to Simone. It was beautiful and not scary. It did not look like a castle, that could sow destruction. Nobody knew what Dalubla wanted from them. She spread the venom of destruction not too often. Simone did not gloss over her thoughts from Feriana.

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