Thursday, August 5, 2010

Njan Gandharvan

Those movies appeal to me through which I could relate or identify myself."Njan Gandharvan" by Padmarajan is of no exception.
" Njan Gandharvan" is like riding a horse of fantacy.It has illusion and reality which has been interwoven and gives a grand fiesta to our senses." Gandharvan"- a mythical figure descends from the heaven to the earth and falls for a girl.

This movie is so close to my heart for I usually takes solace in the flight of imagination, fantasies and reveries.I could easily relate me with the character which is portrayed by Suparna.

The Paalamaram, the bead which Gandharvan gives her when she needs to meet him, the fire fly, the butterfly.........all these creates an ethereal feel which is much more to mesmerize a fantasized heart.I could intensely feel the flow of emotions between Bhama and Gandharvan which is eternal and it could be explicitly seen in the very last scenes of the movie.

She is deprived of him and he is deprived of her, though they never wanted it to happen.

Bhama , a student who comes across a tiny statue incourse of her tour turns out to be the statue of Gandharvan.It instills in her a sort of excitement.But the real excitement begins when he appears before her in flesh and blood.

His romantic sessions with the girl is too intense and unlike humans he can meet her anywhere and everywhere.He has given her a bead which she wears on her chain,so that he can be easily accessible when she kisses it.Thus the romantic saga goes on for a while.........

It is the rule of the heaven that a Gandharvan should return to heaven after marauding the chastity of the girl who has fallen prey to his love.These mystical figures do not bear children.Once their purpose is served they would leave the earth forever and also do not leave behind any traces of memories for the girl to cherish.

There is a scene in which we hear Bhama's grandmother saying "a girl broods over something and does nothing if she is inflicted with the memories of Gandharvan"This is what has exactly happened with Bhama.

Time has arrived for him to leave her.But the real conflict occurs when a desire sprouts in him to live with her forever and ever.But it is not quite easy for him to have an escapade from the entanglement of heaven.He has to go back and he decides to do so without tormenting her, though he is aware that the aftermath of his decision would be "Hell."

But Bhama cannot grant him the hell. She loves him. She cannot bear her chastity being an infliction on him.She is ready to cull out her heart but could not tolerate his self torture.
Thus happens the consummation of love...their love...and he leaves her.

What would have happened to her?..Does her heart still ache for him?..Has she completely gone into the oblivion?..Is she still in a state of torment?

I saw " Njan Gandharvan" when I was a very little girl.But still could not forget her.

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