Friday, September 24, 2010

The unfading memories

Sandra did not realize how far she had gone. She was panting and the road looked as if it would not end. She missed her bus. She should have taken an auto to get to the office. But she chose to walk and reached late. Everything happened as she expected. MD yelled at her for not turning up on time and marked half day leave for being late by twenty minutes.

She took her seat and the files that piled upon her table seemed like a hill, not easy to climb and she had no intention of climbing it either. She just sat still. She was finding it difficult to hold her mind. When Sanam, her collegue asked why was she too late, Sandra blinked her eyes and said “I missed the bus".

She checked her mails and found one from her mother and the other from her long lost friend. She knew the content of the first letter without even opening it. Esha, her long time and now lost friend was inquiring about her whereabouts. Esha could not attend her marriage as she had flown to San Fransisco with her husband. Memories started gnawing her. She did not feel like working and had no intention of asking her boss to give her the leave, but was relieved to find that he would leave soon as he had a meeting.

Sandra left office by half past one. As she did not want to go home soon, she decided to take a stroll along the beach. The breeze and the azure water calmed her for a while.

"Oh no! John, you are spoiling my gown". Sandra yelled.

“Come on Sandra...." John went on splashing water on her.

"That was our wedding day", Sandra thought.

John loved beaches. It was his plan to go to the beach after we got married. It was a wild plan, but a good one. I have never seen John so happy. My gown drenched, but I did not mind. I was so happy to be with him.

It has been six years...

Sandra was feeling tired, when she got home. She cuddled herself in the bed and in no time, she was fast asleep.

 She could see the deep abyss, could feel the freezing chill piercing her body. The water was not placid. It was furious and wild. The peak stood too tall as if it could touch the canopy and the chasm  was too deep and too hard to fathom.

She could see them on the peak, clasping against each other, being unaware of the fury that was brewing around them. They cling to each other as if there was no tomorrow only, today to live. They were happy, calm and contended. The raging waterfalls could not divert them not for a while. They were just  But it was short lived.

Sandra could hear her own scream..."John....John...John..."

He fell into the unfathomable abyss. She opened her eyes with sweat rolling down her cheeks. She saw John smiling at him in a framed photograph. She smiled back and rushed to pick her son from the school.


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