Friday, October 29, 2010

Food for thought

This is something that I came across as a sheer coincidence and every such coincidences offered a lot of things to ruminate. A news  was published in an online paper almost one year ago and it was likethis.

Eight year old Saudi girl divorces her 5o year old husband - definitely a food for thought. 

Her mother applied for a divorce twice and was rejected .One judge ruled out the divorce citing that she could apply for it only when she reaches her puberty. The girl was coerced into marriage by her father for 50,000 Saudi riyals (around $13, 300). The divorce happened months after hearing and also by the uproar created by International media and the human rights associations.

A big curse on those people whose thoughts are marred beyond recognition. I could not understand that state of mind that really wanted to get married to a girl child who hasn't attained her puberty. When someone makes a furore about it, they come up with their bogus excuses. A bud can blossom, only when it is allowed to grow.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Freedom of Expression

I have a few questions for all you bloggers.

Should creative artists always be given the freedom to express their own ideas? Should government impose any restrictions on their ideas?
I thought about it a lot and this is what I have come up with and I also expect your valuable comments on this.

“Freedom of expression “is the most significant factor in creativity. If we put the creative artists in a pigeonhole and ask them to respond accordingly,will result in the ineffectiveness of their work. But what about today's chaotic, intricate and confused scenario?

Could granting the above mentioned liberty can pose severe problems. As the world is moving towards ruthlessness and where religion has started to have its absolute sway, whatever the creative artist produces will have its own repercussions. We have seen many instances where books, films, music, paintings falling into the trashes of controversies.

This reminds me of the controversy, M.F. Hussain had to encounter. He created nude paintings of hindu deities and mother India, hence is being deplored as an anti- hindu. He had come under fatal attacks from hindu fundamentalists and some of them went to the extent of vandalizing his paintings. He has been living in London and Dubai since then and now Qatar has come forward to grand him its citizenship. He is 95 year old who has a scant opportunity to return to his motherland, India.

Salman Rushdie's is yet another example. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the spiritual leader of Iran issued a fatwa against him for his most controversial Satanic Verses. He called the book a blasphemy against Islam. Hence asked for his execution. It was only after the death of Ayattollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Rushdie could come out of his hiding and also from the police protection.

Taslima Nazreen's Lajja was banned. It describes the aftermath of Babri Masjid demolition in Bangladesh, which is the neighbouring country of India where the incident took place( theme was the persecution of a hindu family by muslims).She rose to fame due to her feminist views and criticisms of Islam. She always wrote about female oppression for which she always came under severe attack. She had to flee from her country, Bangladesh and was forced to live in many countries. For quite a while, she got asylum in Kolkata, India which she had to renounce due to the attack from Islamic fundamentalists. Currently, she is residing at Sweden.

Music also could not evade any criticism. Films are also not an exemption. These are just a few instances to show the acceptance of people as they are by people.

It is the creative artist who can give a new face to think. Curbing their freedom would be like shackling them. But what if the same efforts create a hubbub and disrupt the equilibrium in the society? A little discrepancy can wreak havoc.
So I always wonder what is needed to have an unbiased outlook.

I expect your valuable comments.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This is life. Don't be blind to it

I came across this video accidentally and I cursed myself for being too self indulgent. I am from a country (India) ,where you can see wealth and poverty together. Sometimes this utter poverty strikes straight on your face. Since we are self indulgent we always shove the truth into the back burner. But how long can we be blind to the harsh realities of life. How can we wake up our humanity from its slumber ? 

" Humanity" is what today the world needs. It is shocking to learn that there exists a lot of people all around the world who is struggling to have a square meal. As an ordinary citizen of the world, I can only make an attempt to share this horrendous plight all around the globe.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


This picture shocked the entire world. Aiysha was just 12 when she was married off to a Taliban fighter.  She was subjected to many atrocities. She was made to sleep in a stable with animals. She was caught while she was trying to escape the clutches of her husband. The punishment meted out for her mistake was horrendous. Her nose and ears was sliced off mercilessly and she was left to bleed and die in the mountains. But she was fortunate to live and when she gathered her consciousness she somehow managed to reach her grandfather’s house from where she was taken to an American military hospital. She also received an Enduring Heart Award for enduring  the worst ordeal of her life.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When she met him

They were together for quite a long time, almost four years.She met him when she was not expecting a man in her life.She met him when she was not in a mood to love anybody. She met him when she lost her faith in love. If sheever wanted a man he was definitely not the type. Still she met him.

 He was very young when she met him. He always said it was love at first sight for him but not for her. But she did like him.They met for the first time when he came to meet his sister who was herroommate.He straight away told her that he would like to marry her which put her in utter disbelief.She wanted him to wait as she was unsure about her. He agreed.

They met every Sundays. They painted the town red, went for movies, tasted different cuisines and had lots of fun. For him, she was a best friend and the girl he truly loved but for her it was just a pastime. She never had any friends but him. If she ever wanted something she would wait for him. She stopped doing anything by herself. She was the boss and he was the sub ordinate but he never complained.

He was calm for he had her unlike her who was always frustrated for not having anything she always wanted. Fights and quarrels started creeping up amidst them. But he was always forgiving. She never let slip off any opportunity that came on her way to insult him. He was collected. Though he lost his temper twice or thrice he would always make up because she was the only one he had.

One day when she met him she could not meet his eyes. When he touched her something changed in her. She could not be with him for long hours. She was uncomfortable. She felt as if she was seeing him for the first time. He was worried. He could not think of losing her and she could not give him an answer. She knew she liked him. He had become a habit that she could not do away with at any point of her life.

She thought and thought and one day she got the answer, both for him and her.
It was a chilly night. There was heavy downpour outside and she could not sleep. She snuggled and was searching for something in the bed and all of a sudden, as a reflex she called him and said “I want to marry you”