Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Freedom of Expression

I have a few questions for all you bloggers.

Should creative artists always be given the freedom to express their own ideas? Should government impose any restrictions on their ideas?
I thought about it a lot and this is what I have come up with and I also expect your valuable comments on this.

“Freedom of expression “is the most significant factor in creativity. If we put the creative artists in a pigeonhole and ask them to respond accordingly,will result in the ineffectiveness of their work. But what about today's chaotic, intricate and confused scenario?

Could granting the above mentioned liberty can pose severe problems. As the world is moving towards ruthlessness and where religion has started to have its absolute sway, whatever the creative artist produces will have its own repercussions. We have seen many instances where books, films, music, paintings falling into the trashes of controversies.

This reminds me of the controversy, M.F. Hussain had to encounter. He created nude paintings of hindu deities and mother India, hence is being deplored as an anti- hindu. He had come under fatal attacks from hindu fundamentalists and some of them went to the extent of vandalizing his paintings. He has been living in London and Dubai since then and now Qatar has come forward to grand him its citizenship. He is 95 year old who has a scant opportunity to return to his motherland, India.

Salman Rushdie's is yet another example. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the spiritual leader of Iran issued a fatwa against him for his most controversial Satanic Verses. He called the book a blasphemy against Islam. Hence asked for his execution. It was only after the death of Ayattollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Rushdie could come out of his hiding and also from the police protection.

Taslima Nazreen's Lajja was banned. It describes the aftermath of Babri Masjid demolition in Bangladesh, which is the neighbouring country of India where the incident took place( theme was the persecution of a hindu family by muslims).She rose to fame due to her feminist views and criticisms of Islam. She always wrote about female oppression for which she always came under severe attack. She had to flee from her country, Bangladesh and was forced to live in many countries. For quite a while, she got asylum in Kolkata, India which she had to renounce due to the attack from Islamic fundamentalists. Currently, she is residing at Sweden.

Music also could not evade any criticism. Films are also not an exemption. These are just a few instances to show the acceptance of people as they are by people.

It is the creative artist who can give a new face to think. Curbing their freedom would be like shackling them. But what if the same efforts create a hubbub and disrupt the equilibrium in the society? A little discrepancy can wreak havoc.
So I always wonder what is needed to have an unbiased outlook.

I expect your valuable comments.


She Writes said...

Is any society truly balanced? Let it be rocked by freedom of words.

acp said...

i don agree with those freedom of creativity... who gave permission to write all those crap things that might hurt some people's believes....very bad...

Anonymous said...

i can't agree with the blogger,why mf only draw nude pics of hindu deities & mother india its hurts alot of peoples's believes....

akhila said...

im really hurt by these paintings..freedom doesnt mean takng advantge of anything,its sm deed tat'l b respectd by every1..motherindia is jus like every1's own mother,mf hussain's too...if freedom of expression is havng no limit, wud mf hussain b quiet if sum1 drew a nude pic of his own mother???????or wud himslf drw one such and call it"CREATIVE"???

Anonymous said...

In the name of freedom of expression one cannot defame others or other's feelings. Like a Swedish cartoonist, will he paint about his own religion or belief and get away? Having done the nonsense, now he is sitting in the safe heaven because, he has not hurt the feelings of his own community. Such freedom of expression is not good for the society as one has to maintain decency, more so if you are a public figure.

Anonymous said...

Please, this is retarded - you put Hindu right wing in the same category as the Iranian ayatollah? Are you insane or something kiddo? Say, what happens if I should draw a painting of Jesus Christ in a sexual position with Mary Magdeline (or a sheep, since he was from that era)? Will you Kerala people accept that as freedom of speech? Or will the US, accept a glorious Husain painting of Christ fornicating with a sheep? Try that first - you people are retarded... right wing doesn't necessarily equate with extremism. Note - there are mosques in Kashi and even Benares/Somnath - they are not torn down, but are there temples or churches in Mecca? If Hindu right wing is behaving like idiots, as all right wings do, they are precisely that - idiots. Don't shove it all in the corner with this Islamic b/s - Hindu rightwing are nowhere near there, you know that - so don't inflate numbers or ideas like a fool young lady.

Isshy said...

Anonymous from June 9th is now suggesting that we Muslims are extremists. Seriously i consider what MF hussain did just as disrespectful as if he did that to any Islamic belief. okay? But there are some places where you just have to respect, Like Mecca, the MOST holiest site for Muslims, you cant just barge in and expect us to let you build a church there, just like we wont expect Catholics to allow us to build a masjid in the Vatican. Its simply absurd. But now is you say that "but there is no Church in Saudi Arabia!" Well you are right, and the Saudis have got to get their heads on straight because it unIslamic to not allow another religion to not let them pray. The Prophet (PBUH) allowed it, what gives the Saudis the right to go against what he taught.
So being a Muslim i respect your Hindu beliefs, that is not only the morally right thing to do but it is my duty to do so. And if MF was still alive i would have condemned it.
But as a human i expect you to respect my religion and understand that there are at least 2 cities in the world that Muslims would not want other religions to built their place of worship. But for the whole of Saudi Arabia. As a Muslim I condemn them, because no only are they making people like you suggest absurd things to a sector of the Muslim community, but also the Saudis are not following the sunnah.

So please lets be civilized humans and learn to start respecting others beliefs, having tolerance and living in coexistence.
You see how i did not accuse the Hindu people of being extremism, that is the right thing to do. Because you have the right to get hurt at being offended. But you know what is not right, when you start pointing finger, that's when things get out of control. I did not point a finger. I simply told you that you are being irrelevant

God Bless
May the peace and blessings of God be upon you.
or any other neutral way to end this conversation

Happy Kitten said...

M F Hussain is dead but yet he continues to be hated. And I dont know why annon fails to see the parallel drawn between religious extremists.. be it any religion. If it is happening in Islam and if it happened in Christianity (still happens) it can also happen in Hinduism. But one has to accept that Hinduism is a far more tolerant religion and hence more Hindus were hurt when Hussain was hounded. Now can one say that it is because those Hindus did not love their religion?
I only hope those in India sees the danger and sees everyone as humans first before they see their religion.
Intolerance creeps up in small ways and later becomes a monster which cannot be controlled.

Shruthi said...

If creativity has to bow down to intolerance, we'd be living in a boring world.

The key is in being able to express dissent without fear of someone trying to get you killed.