Wednesday, October 6, 2010

When she met him

They were together for quite a long time, almost four years.She met him when she was not expecting a man in her life.She met him when she was not in a mood to love anybody. She met him when she lost her faith in love. If sheever wanted a man he was definitely not the type. Still she met him.

 He was very young when she met him. He always said it was love at first sight for him but not for her. But she did like him.They met for the first time when he came to meet his sister who was herroommate.He straight away told her that he would like to marry her which put her in utter disbelief.She wanted him to wait as she was unsure about her. He agreed.

They met every Sundays. They painted the town red, went for movies, tasted different cuisines and had lots of fun. For him, she was a best friend and the girl he truly loved but for her it was just a pastime. She never had any friends but him. If she ever wanted something she would wait for him. She stopped doing anything by herself. She was the boss and he was the sub ordinate but he never complained.

He was calm for he had her unlike her who was always frustrated for not having anything she always wanted. Fights and quarrels started creeping up amidst them. But he was always forgiving. She never let slip off any opportunity that came on her way to insult him. He was collected. Though he lost his temper twice or thrice he would always make up because she was the only one he had.

One day when she met him she could not meet his eyes. When he touched her something changed in her. She could not be with him for long hours. She was uncomfortable. She felt as if she was seeing him for the first time. He was worried. He could not think of losing her and she could not give him an answer. She knew she liked him. He had become a habit that she could not do away with at any point of her life.

She thought and thought and one day she got the answer, both for him and her.
It was a chilly night. There was heavy downpour outside and she could not sleep. She snuggled and was searching for something in the bed and all of a sudden, as a reflex she called him and said “I want to marry you”


Aneesh said...

super kathi

Shalet Jimmy said...

I knew. But still i had to write it.