Friday, November 26, 2010

Trivandrum City

The place where I am staying now is not my city- Trivandrum. I came here not with many dreams. But this city taught me how to dream; how to aspire for it; how to take new challenges in life. It made me dream about the nook and cranny of the world. Sometimes, I do take a long walk along the streets. But in the daytime, it is not as charming, but the night offers a delight that makes me wanting to go again and again. I knew my native place  (Thrissur) is more beautiful than this city and I really do not understand why I am not too keen on my city. 

I once asked one of my friend about this and he said " We got something on August 15th, 1947, that's why you are y feeling so." Yes, he is absolutely right. Independence-I cherish it the most. I am not a hard core adventurous person and I am comfortable in the city only till nine o' clock. Here we do not have a busy night life. You cannot see any woman loitering in the city after nine o' clock. It would be of course different if I were in any other part of the world. The independence I am talking about is having my own space where I could enjoy my small pleasures.

I love to walk in the rain; wander alone in the bright lit  city ( though I have got somebody special in my life );eat from ' Pathayam' where you get only natural and organic food and also the delicious gooseberry soaked in honey; pray in the ' Perpetual Chapel' near by;  explore the nearest library; worship in the temple near by where the deity is Lord Krishna and much more.

It looks too simple, but not as simple as that coz we all are too cocooned in the hard and fast rules of a conventional and hypocritical society. Breaking those fetters is a herculean task. Let's see how far I can go to be just myself.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Talaq (divorce) on cellphone valid

This post is based on a news that is published in a leading newspaper in India. The headlines goes like this " Talaq on cellphone is valid, says Deoband.

I really do not know what to make out of this news. It says if the husband utters 'talaq' thrice on a mobile phone will be considered valid, even if the wife on the other end does not hear it due to network or any other sort of problems. The news also talk about a man who is working abroad typed talaq playfully to his wife. In his query he said he really does not know how the talaq is executed.

Do you really want to know what happened next?

The Darul Ifta( the office of Islamic jurisprudence /)in its reply said if the talaq is uttered thrice it will amount to divorce. Hence as per the ruling, the wife is required to complete the iddat (3 months) period and if she wants to be with her husband, she is supposed to marry someone else and divorce him and again observe the iddat period. If she does all these, she can marry her former husband.

Is this a joke. No ! It is a truth that happened.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I like black

I thought I would take a detour for a while.Life should not be grave always. Hence I thought I would post a song. This song talks about the deep hidden beauty of the colour 'BLACK'. The language is Tamil and it is not my mother tongue. Tamil is the language of Tamil Nadu, which is our (Kerala) neighbouring state. The people of  India do have the tendency to look down upon people who are not fair complexioned.

This song has a rhythm and it is the pulse of us South Indians..