Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just this

Indian women have changed, their outlook, their dressing sense...We have become more global. But at times you see yourself clinging to your own identity..When I was a little girl, growing up means was having long hair, wearing sarees,bindi, bangles, anklets etc..but it has changed completely. Today, girls (including me) hardly wears saree  especially bindi which was once an identity of Indian women. 

Oh..I scribbled just like that...I love this song, I should say, the way she has dressed up. In this song, she is a naagin(snake). The first scene shows her transformation from a human form to a snake. Nothing scary but beautiful and enchanting. I love such fantasies. That's why I love this song

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Moral Policing

I am a teacher by profession. To be very precise, Communicative English teacher.I never wanted to be one but always ended up being one but never dressed like a teacher( the stereotypical figure with a saree and intelligent look). Yesterday, one of my student told straight away on my face that " You should be careful with your dress". I was shocked. 

Why?.... Because I was wearing a Kurta, which almost reached my knees , of course with a long sleeve and definitely with a jeans.I was properly covered from head to toe and why was he bothered about me. I should have asked him to mind his own business and should have resumed my class.But I took the wrong option, started bluffing. I told him "My parents liked them, usually they do all the shopping etc., etc...

He was sitting in a corner and I was crossing my legs and he said while I crossed my legs and also when I lifted my hands, something was not proper , may be he was hinting at the slits of my Kurta. I heard it ..I mean I bore it...Why?..May be, I was not expecting a sudden attack of that sort from my student who always looked innocent to me( though he is 25 years old). Why did he say such a thing. I am not being blind to the fact that there are people all around who loved moral policing.

But still....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanks buddies

I enjoy blogging...
It has never been like this before...
Once I laughed at my friend's confession of being a blog addict...
But now I am one, though a toddler...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Love - BOOKS

I started reading books when I was about sixteen years of age. I was from a family where nobody ever read any books and I loved books. Books were always a taboo. I even did not read a single comic book. Unlike my school, my college offered me a world of books. I never bunked college and was always in the library. I started off with Enid Blyton series, and then moving on to Nancy Drew series. I was wonder struck when I got to know about the little adventures they had. I never had an adventurous childhood. It was just school and home and story books offered me a lot which I could not have imagined even in my wildest dreams.

The reading took a new twist when one of my senior offered Ken Follett’s Third Twin. I met characters who never thought and acted like me. But I was fascinated by them. I also started reading Sydney Shelden, Danielle Steele, Jeffrey Archer, biographies, autobiographies and lots of other books. After much convincing, I made my dad to get me a membership in a library nearby. But things could not continue as such.

My tastes started changing. I thought it was changing and started to read those books which hardly catered to me (I wanted to read serious books). In the meantime I read a lot of books and found my passion for reading slowly eroding. I was terribly upset. But blogging helped me a lot. I didn't write any posts but  read  blogs and was relieved to find that my passion was still there, only I made the wrong choice.

Here I am, again reading books that I really like...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mother Earth

This is the enchanting snow capped Himalayas, the true personification of divinity. It is regarded as the abode of Lord Shiva. The view is absolutely mesmerising. 

This is Mother Nature. 

Her lullaby is soothing. But there are times when her lullabies turns to screams when she is inflicted with injuries by her own children. She has started eroding. Let's prevent it and transfer her grace to the posterity.