Thursday, September 2, 2010

He is naughty - Lord Krishna

"Just as a fire is covered by smoke and a mirror is obscured by dust, just as the embryo rests deep within the womb, wisdom is hidden by selfish desire." - Bhagavat Gita

" Karma does not bind one who has renounced work." - Bhagavat Gita

"Hell has three gates: lust, anger, and greed." - Bhagavat Gita
Happy JANMASHTAMI ( birthday of Lord Krishna) 

Could you interpret my DREAM

I had a dream once. 
I could see a deep and dark abyss flanked by peaks.
It was unfathomable. 
The peak could touch and caress the blue canopy. 
The hoarfrost on it could prick the sky.

There was a long queue waiting eagerly to cross the gorge. The queue seemed meandering and unending.
But I could see somebody whom I knew at the end of the line. It came as a sudden surprise. 
It was me.
A giant leap could make them cross the abyss. Inside it, two horrendous serpents were cuddling and flying up and down.
It was spiteful and spewed venom.
I waited for my turn stoically.
Nobody could traverse the gorge. When they jumped and reached the middle of the gorge, they were hit and bit by the astounding snakes.
What would happen to me?
I was going to jump.

I took a leap, serpents were high up and it seemed it could touch me, but could not as I twisted my legs and crossed the gorge.