Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My English class

Yesterday, I really had a pretty tough time. I started my new job as an English trainer. There were twenty five students, to be precise. Though I enjoyed my part well,  they were not ready to open their mouth. In my place ( Kerala, situated at the southern tip of India), the people were quite good in English. They could understand and write English well. But they always found it difficult to speak. 

Most of them had their own inhibitions. They were always conscious and were very much worried that they would make mistakes. Mother Tongue Influence was another issue.Hence, they always kept mum.

The place where I was working now  was not an institution that taught  English. They were mostly concentrating on IT. I should say that  IT was their prime arena.

Despite having great deal of technical knowledge, the students did not  come out in flying colors in the interview due to the reason that they could not speak the language.

So I should make them speak some how. I really think it's going to be a great challenge.

Just this

I did my post graduation in English and also did a PG diploma in Electronic journalism t. I was a rank holder and I was quite good in all the assignments they had given me. But I could not pursue it due to many reasons.  After doing a bit of copy writing, I ended up as an English trainer. At the outset I was not too comfortable with this job.
 Our society accepted engineers, doctors and bureaucrats. So I always shoved all my likes and passions to the back burner. The people around me were not all pleased with my present job. I also showed them that I too felt the same. But deep inside I was complacent for I loved to talk and interact with people and here I am with a bunch of students.
P.S. I could also blog without any interruption
Hey! Please drop in and give me some valuable suggestions to improve my English as well as theirs too.