Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Love - BOOKS

I started reading books when I was about sixteen years of age. I was from a family where nobody ever read any books and I loved books. Books were always a taboo. I even did not read a single comic book. Unlike my school, my college offered me a world of books. I never bunked college and was always in the library. I started off with Enid Blyton series, and then moving on to Nancy Drew series. I was wonder struck when I got to know about the little adventures they had. I never had an adventurous childhood. It was just school and home and story books offered me a lot which I could not have imagined even in my wildest dreams.

The reading took a new twist when one of my senior offered Ken Follett’s Third Twin. I met characters who never thought and acted like me. But I was fascinated by them. I also started reading Sydney Shelden, Danielle Steele, Jeffrey Archer, biographies, autobiographies and lots of other books. After much convincing, I made my dad to get me a membership in a library nearby. But things could not continue as such.

My tastes started changing. I thought it was changing and started to read those books which hardly catered to me (I wanted to read serious books). In the meantime I read a lot of books and found my passion for reading slowly eroding. I was terribly upset. But blogging helped me a lot. I didn't write any posts but  read  blogs and was relieved to find that my passion was still there, only I made the wrong choice.

Here I am, again reading books that I really like...