Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is it funny?

This incident was told by my room mate and she was told by her friend's mother. Her friend's mother, though a Keralite, was born and brought up in Uttar Pradesh, where you could find monkeys and peacocks in plenty. When she was  very young, I mean, very very young, she was abducted by a monkey.

Would do you believe this?

Yup, She was taken away by a monkey and it tucked her to its lap and then the monkey took her away to the terrace of her house. Every one was alarmed and started thinking of rescuing the baby from the monkey's clutches. They were not ready to scare the monkey as they thought it would throw the baby from the terrace.

Somebody got a terrific idea that literally saved the baby. They started flaunting different fruits and it attracted the attention of the monkey from the baby.
" That's how I was saved," she said. She also joked that she was really cute that the monkey could not resist its temptation.

I was just thinking, what would have happened if they did not get that fruits?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I have a question for you

All these days I was writing about myself and I think I definitely need a detour. I am too curious to know about you. The question is very simple,

How would you like to describe your life so far?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I missed you all

I am back after a hiatus, though I should admit that it was not deliberate. I used to take  recess but I never really missed your posts but I terribly missed it this time. But I will soon compensate. This break , I took made me realize a lot of things. I always believed that in life you need something that can call your passion, that you really wanted to do, that you never tried to escape. I was traversing through many paths but I did not find one. I felt really bad. You need something to which you can put your heart and soul. 

I joined as an intern in a leading newspaper. I was put on trial for two weeks and based on my performance my fate would be sealed. I was getting assignments and I was trying to do my level best. The very first thing I noticed about myself was that I really loved doing that job. This was the first time I wanted to do a job because I really liked it. I wanted to do more and more. I do not know whether I would get this job or not. But I am happy that I am enjoying what I am doing.
And a big thanks to all of you who supported my writing. It instilled a lot of confidence to go on.

Thanks buddies....