Monday, April 18, 2011

1 year blogging anniversary

It's been 1 year. I do not exactly remember the date. When I started this blog, I had no clue what I was doing. I did not take the pain to remember that wonderful date. I am thankful to my colleague Sambu Sankar, who actually told me what blogging was all about....

A big ' Thank You', Sambu...Hearty thanks to all other bloggers who really supported me. This is not an exaggerated statement but truth. I am doing a lot of things that I really enjoy.because of blogging.  This community has shown me that there is no room for despair but love life, there are ample things in this world I could enjoy. I have got ' Life is beautiful award' from  Kate I was pleasantly surprised when I got it.  An award for somebody like me was something to ruminate. In the beginning, I was too ignorant that I would create a new blog for a new post. Likewise, I think I had about 15 blogs.  Thank God, I have transformed for the better. My fellow blogger Jidhu Jose took my interview and published it on his blog on April 1st- another pleasant surprise. has got another blogs too.I was enjoying everything. The real joy is when you find the numbers in your followers increase. I love them.... is my another blog, where I write about books. It was not a book blog, when I started it.It contained my works as a copy writer. When I resigned my job, I had no works to flaunt. I kept it like that for a while as I did not want to delete it. It was earlier named Shalet's Creative Impressionzz.' But when I came across some blogs dedicated to books, I thought of converting it into a book blog and I renamed it as ' Passion Drops.' for I love books, books are my passion. I am really enjoying it. I have also won a book - another surprise, from 
I won ' The Time Travelling Fashionista'- When I get it, I am going to review it for Goodreads and amazon....excited, excited..

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Avis Lyons, the animal rescuer in Kerala

I met Avis when I went to cover her story. She came to Kovalam in Kerala for a holiday. When she came here, she never ever would have thought that one day she would become a messiah for the stray dogs here. When I went there, I never imagined I would get surrounded by dogs, dogs and dogs.To be honest, I was really scared. When she knew my fear she caressed her dogs in front of me and said " They make great companions when they are treated properly. You do not have to worry." My fear soon vanished.I do not know whether I should call them ' stray dogs.' Whatever it is , they were very friendly and to my surprise they showed it too. They wanted me to fondle them, cuddle them and I could see it very well in their eyes. For the very first time in my life, I felt that I should also have a pet too.

Avis Lyons was born and brought up at London. When she came here, she was really shocked by the cruelties that was committed against these animals. " I also could notice that there were many female dogs that had had puppies. But where are the puppies? People here do have a tendency to take the puppies , especially male ones and discard the mother dog. That's why I could not see any puppies with them.' she says. She is also upset with the authorities, who does nothing to alleviate the issue of stray dogs. She has a website, where she is warning before we see some pictures. Such is the pathetic sight of dogs in those pictures.

Keralites do have a different notion regarding pets. If the west do treat them as pets and as a member of the family, Keralites do treat dogs as an animal that guards the house. For them, they are just animals. This is just a generalisation and I do admit that there are exceptional cases too. People pelting stones at these dogs is a common sight here." People do dump unwanted pets. I have 105 dogs and out of them 75 are discarded pets. How could they do that? she asks.

Avis is suffering from cancer and she has been living in Kerala for the past ten years. She feels fragile and is looking for somebody, who can take this Animal Rescue Kerala, a house which she has started for discarded animals, on lease for 30 years. " Before I move back to London, I would like to see this place as a safe haven for animals," she says. If there is anybody who reads this blog and wants to do something in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact. That would be a great help. 

Her ANIMAL RESCUE KERALA is a home for 105 dogs, 2 horses and 1 rabbit.

Like me, she is also an voracious reader of mysteries and she had lined up these books in her shelf. When I told her my addiction to mystery books, she wanted me take as much as books I could from her shelf. I took one book, which I am currently regarding.

Saturday, April 2, 2011



India beat Srilanka by 6 wickets.

We won the Cricket World Cup, 2011.

Three Cheers for India.

Hip, hip......Hurrah, 
Hip, hip......Hurrah,
Hip, hip......Hurrah.

India bagged the World Cup after long 28 years.