Monday, June 20, 2011

A salute to the spirit of Raphael

Life snatched a lot from him. But T D Raphael is living life to the lees. He never succumbed to the challenges life threw before him.Raphael, librarian of Panambukadu village library, lost his ability to hear and speak at a very young age. Since then life has been a battle for him. And he fought with sheer determination and perseverance. It is his love for words that gave him the energy to fight all the odds of life.Though his love for words knew no bounds, Raphael could get himself acquainted with words only when he was 15. Since then, he has been a frequent visitor to the Panambukadu village library.

His passion took him a long way. He has written 18 short stories and 22 poems. His first poem was his reaction against the criticisms he had to face for his congenital anomalies. Short stories followed.“Death is the last word for a man who does not have any other way in life,” he wrote in one of his works, keeping in mind the severe setbacks he has battled against all his life.
Raphael’s efforts and passion for words got recognised when the office bearers of Panambukadu village library handed him the keys of the library. For his many services, the State Social Welfare department honoured him in 2004.

- by Shalet Jimmy

published in ' The New Indian Express'

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