Sunday, January 9, 2011

What is your opinion on it?

I was just thinking of rights. rights? yea. the right of a woman. 

She is my friend and is 29 years old , working as a front office executive in a not so big company. Her career had always been her dream. A girl with a bundle of talents, her confidence always told her that she could achieve anything she really wanted. She tried her hands in various jobs and was always good in them. But success had a strange way of alluding her. But she never quit. She was always seeking a new possibility, a new avenue. 

I really admire her.

She was from a financially sound family. Her father was a successful businessman who was financially well off  to support her to do whatever she would like to do. Her mother was too much addicted to traditions that she had stopped interacting with  her daughter as she was not thinking of a marriage. She had a boyfriend who was very much in love with her but they could not marry as they belonged to different religions. They both were struggling hard to make a career and could think of marriage when they were well settled. 

You could feel that there was nothing complicated but I could feel the tension she was in. She had a brother who was six years younger to her and never found any hindrance in doing whatever he liked.He was preparing to go to UK to do his MBA.  She wanted to do law in her country which costed only around 40000 Indian money and that too for 3 years which was much much cheaper than doing an MBA  abroad. She could not join for it in 2010 for she was short of money and now she is trying hard to make it in 2011. There were several instances where she was beaten up by her parents for not obeying them.

She asked me quite a several times whether she was committing any mistakes. You could not get married for the sake of getting married. Hence, I said you have to do what you really feel like doing.

I was not really bothered about her for I knew someday she would get what she really wanted. I was just thinking about those girls who were totally devoid of any opportunities to think independently; who were only taught to be subservient not only to man but everything she came across; who were conveniently taught to be a man's woman and not an individual; who could not make a decision  even on her womb.

There were many who got nothing, did nothing and died several times.