Thursday, March 10, 2011

I missed you all

I am back after a hiatus, though I should admit that it was not deliberate. I used to take  recess but I never really missed your posts but I terribly missed it this time. But I will soon compensate. This break , I took made me realize a lot of things. I always believed that in life you need something that can call your passion, that you really wanted to do, that you never tried to escape. I was traversing through many paths but I did not find one. I felt really bad. You need something to which you can put your heart and soul. 

I joined as an intern in a leading newspaper. I was put on trial for two weeks and based on my performance my fate would be sealed. I was getting assignments and I was trying to do my level best. The very first thing I noticed about myself was that I really loved doing that job. This was the first time I wanted to do a job because I really liked it. I wanted to do more and more. I do not know whether I would get this job or not. But I am happy that I am enjoying what I am doing.
And a big thanks to all of you who supported my writing. It instilled a lot of confidence to go on.

Thanks buddies....