Friday, December 28, 2012

It was 2 .40 pm, December 18. That was the day, I had to attend the wine tasting organised by Ginger Claps, a social media marketing company and sponsored by Four Seasons group. The programme was scheduled to be at 4 pm. Though I was enthusiastic at the beginning and was looking forward to the event, I was gradually getting half- minded as the time was fast approaching. Why? I never drank before and was really scared of getting drunk. Besides, I knew I would be among total strangers except for one.

So I gave him a ring and said “ Tom, I really do not want to come. Could we just take the wine bottle home and drink and review. You know, I have never drunk before.”

Mustering strength and keeping all apprehension aside for a while, I boarded a crowded bus and reached Dream Hotel, Elamkulam which was the venue for the event. Contrary to all my worries, I felt light when I entered the venue. I also found some pleasant and jovial blogger buddies who were later to become good friends there.

Serene and dark-hued, the venue was perfect for the occasion. The wine glasses were neatly arranged on our tables. We met Amit, our wine trainer who was very cordial with us. We also had some foreign bloggers ( I think so) attending the event. Though Amit was well equipped in making ourselves aware of the nuances of wine making and tasting, I was not able to concentrate properly for the fear of getting drunk was still rearing its ugly head. Some of the significant features which I could capture while drinking wine were all these....

First and foremost, drink wine in a wine glass. I agree to it completely as I could not enjoy wine, later at home, when I drank in a small glass which was definitely not suited for the purpose. Next smell it and absorb the aroma. I instantly liked chenin blanc as it smelt of the wine which I used to get in my church. Along with the wine, there were fish and chicken served. Though Amit asked us to sip the wine in a certain way, I could not do it and I just drank it the way I wanted to.
( My first sip.....courtesy Anisha Ranjit)

I sipped the wine and had a piece of fish. The taste was quite alright....But in the next round I had a piece of chicken after a sip of wine. It felt good and kind of refreshing. The fear fizzled out in no time and I was enjoying chenin blanc. But all the time, my eyes were fixed on the red wine bottle ( Chiraz ) which was placed near chenin blanc. For me, wine is just red wine and I always wanted to drink red wine.

I heard Santhosh, another blogger from Kochi saying to Amit “ I prefer that wine which Omar Khayyam used to drink.”

Thus Chiraz was poured to another wine glass. I was waiting for this moment....... I sipped but to my surprise, I did not like it. It was too bitter....I just pushed the glass aside....It was then that Amit came to our table and asked “ Which one did you prefer” I said “ White wine “. I finished my second glass too....To my surprise when I finished the second glass, the chiraz was luring me and I drank it...Now I liked it...

Thus ended the eventful day....

Friday, November 16, 2012

Being Single - The confused chap

Today I had an interesting conversation with some of my colleagues. It all started when one of my colleague asked me why I insist on being ' Single'.

 " God is saving me for the right person " . That was my curt reply

This is not the first time I was asked this question by the same guy. What made him now ask that question, he came across my face book status update... It read like this "  Read ' Almost Single' by Advaitha Kala. Single women out there, go and grab your copies'. He was talking as if I were exhorting ' Single blessedness' to women.

What irked me was the next question " Why can't you do something when others are doing it. Other women are getting married and having babies. Why can't you do that ?," The guy was pushing the limits. I asked him to sit down.

" What is bothering you?" He just brushed aside my question conviniently and went on with his blabbering.  " When are you planning to have a baby?" 

I said " When I feel like." But that was not enough to quench his thirst of curiosity. "  Do not waste your time. It's high time," he said with an earnest look. Poor chap - it seems he is interested in the well being of every single women, out there. He is also ready to leave my other who is also of my age. Poor girl laughed when we were having this conversation. That was the only mistake she committed. " It seems that you might had a break up. That's why you laughed," he said with a frown.

Now what is wrong with this guy?
I told him on his face " Niyas ( name changed ), something is wrong with you. You are desperate to find a girl. The despair has reached at its zenith that you want to comfort yourself by soothing replies from single women which favour your situation. Just go and think. Also ask yourself what do you want from your life. Set your priorities. Don't play safe. Marriage is not the ultimate solution for everything. Emotions are so varied that it can excite you to live life to the fullest and marriage id definitely not the first and the last answer. But the only thing is that you have to delve in to the depth of your heart. Please don't tread the path of sadism," I  ( the great Shalet) said :D.
 Why can't I say these things to myself when I am deeply troubled is yet another question. But let's keep it aside for a while.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

I am big hearted...:D

October 26

I  got an award for my other blog - ' Passion Drops ' A time for celebration. As I mentioned in my previous post, at times I was forced to go on hiatus unwillingly as my situation demanded it. Getting an award during such a respite was indeed joyful.....

As usual, I have to answer 11 questions which has already been answered by the blogger who has nominated my blog for the award and also nominate five other blogs which I think the best. Does n't sounds like a big deal. But to me it was for I could not answer many questions asked. Strangely, the most difficult one was ' 11 random things about me '. I am not kidding, buddies...just blurting out truths. There were also many other questions like your most desired birthday gift, what would you like, mountains or beaches?, what is your last wish?....

I felt as If I am not replying to some simple, cordial queries but combating pure mathematics. Honestly, I really felt at sea that I had to look at my fellow blogger's list of answers to reply. Embarrassing, Is n't it? Since I do not want to adorn the crown of a committed hypocrite, I am openly admitting it....( How magnanimous):D

 To be honest, celebrating the coveted award and its ensuing procedures have to wait until I come up with solid answers about myself.

With this bitter truth, I am aspiring to spread my wings under the far fetched canopy and fly....Am I insane? That's what people say......sigh

My Internet connection sucks.....

October 26, 2012


My Internet connection sucks.....It is one of the reasons that always forced me to go on hiatus though it was most unwelcome. Though I was using the connection for the past four years, it never troubled me barring some occasional hiccups. But when I moved to a new flat ( before it were hostels) and a cordial net connection could do wonders during the lone hours, it ditched me, badly, terribly.....

I had to disconnect it though I had developed a kind of camaraderie with it. It was like loosing a friend you always believed in. It has been three months since I disconnected it and I was using my office system for it. With nine computers for 14 reporters, the desire to fathom my blogger buddies ' thoughts' could not be cherished the way I wanted.

Today, after much thought, I renewed my connection hoping things would get better. But ' No ', Lady Luck is still not ready to caress my shoulders. I was typing this on my Could not write it straight on the blog for my link was just loading and loading and loading for the past three hours.

Finally......Yup.....I did it..........

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Learn people

I grew up hearing stories from my father. He is a great story teller. Most of his stories revolved around honesty, obedience and success. But there is a unique story which he had years before. But the layers of truth embedded unravels each day. It is an open secret that men can't understand men.

You are saved if you possess the skill to learn people. Otherwise you are doomed.

Sadly, I have never been good at it. Sometimes, I trust the wrong person and mistrust the right person. In both case, it hurts. Because of it, chances to land in trouble are several. Frustration ensues, you lose  trust in yourself.  But this story always rescued me from falling into large traps.

He told me this story several years back. Unfortunately, I took many years to grasp its essence. But that is life.

The story goes like this....

Before India gained independence, there was not a well coordinated country as India. There were only princely states which were ruled by various kings. Those princely states were again divided into small principalities which had its own rulers.

The story happened in Thrissur which is in Kerala that lies in the southern tip of Indian peninsula.

Once a King summoned all his rulers to his court . The rulers got apprehensive as they were called on short notice. They thought it could be a sign of a portending war. But when they reached the palace of the king, everything was calm. Nothing brewed in the court of the king. The King and the courtiers looked pleasant. With a smile, the king took all his rulers to a plantain farm and gave everyone a gleaming sword.

Without uttering a single word, he asked them to cut it. Everyone were taken aback. They were expecting something grave. But the King was asking them to cut a plantain and that too with a sharp sword. (You don't need a sharp sword to cut a plantain).

Tharakan, who was our ruler's chief minister thought if the rulers were given such a sharp sword, there should be something substantial the King wanted to test. Hence Tharakan asked his ruler to cut the plantain as if there was a copper hidden in the plantain. The ruler who was quite confident of his minister's advice gave a sharp and heavy blow. To their surprise, a thin copper piece was hidden inside the plantain.

The King became happy and awarded the ruler and his minister for their thoughtful action.

So how is the story and learning a person is connected?

The persons we come across in our daily lives are like a soft and smooth plantain. We are often lured away by its fragility. You have to delve deeply to fathom its real roughness. By the time you realize it, it must have already sown its seed. Never underestimate or overestimate a person.

You should approach people with the keen eye as of Tharakan. Such far sightedness can come handy to prevent the unwanted.

Friday, July 27, 2012

I pierced my nose

I pierced my nose - Declaring independence for the second time. Nobody in my family has ever done that before. ( I think I am doing several things which they could not even dare to think in the wildest of their dreams).I was born as a Christian. I really do not know whether the society insists or not, there is unwritten law that if you are a Christian you need to adhere to certain dressing codes. Applying 'Kajal' and wearing ' Bindi' are of course out of the question. Hence 'Piercing nose' – an emphatic ' No'. Many regards and still regards all these as something done by Hindus ( those who follow the religion of Hinduism). Perhaps, that might be the reason why my ' Mum' asked “ Is there any Hindu guy I am seeing” - I said “ Mum, I did this because I wanted to do it for a long time.”

When I decided to cut my hair ( my first declaration of independence ), I did not inform my parents. Now too, I did not inform them for I knew their first reaction would be an emphatic ' No'.

I had always wanted to pierce my nose. But could never bring myself do it as I was confused about how to do it. Whether I should go to a beauty parlour or rather resort to a gun shot piercing, which is painless or else go for a goldsmith which is painful but the hole would be healed quickly.

I could not opt the former as I had real bad experience with it. I did pierce my ears to put ' second earrings'. But the hole was not healed even after 5 years and I had to take it off. Hence I thought, this time I would opt for a goldsmith ( As per the tradition here, we have goldsmiths to pierce ears and nose). But it is really painful. Somehow I mustered courage to go to him.

I went to a jewellery shop and bought a gold nose stud (It is called 'Mukkuthi' in my language). It was tiny. The shop owner warned me that it would be a bit
small for my nose but I did not pay heed to him. I did not want to spend more on it. I told ' Thattan', the gold smith not to show any of the instruments with which he was going to pierce my nose.

To my surprise, nothing happened as I imagined. It took just 5 seconds and not too much pain, just two drops of tears from my left eye ( I pierced my right nose).

But the piercing saga did not end there. When I woke up in the morning. I could not find my nose stud. As its top portion was too tiny it went inside the hole and got stuck there.
I again had to rush to the gold smith. Since its top portion was inside, it had to be pulled out from below. Very painful......That did not deter me from having another mukuthi and wearing it. I bought another one which suited my nose. To my shock,
the goldsmith could not put it. Hence he had to pierce my nose again with the same nail. This time I saw it. There was pain, pain and only pain. But all ended well. I am happy. When my parents saw it they instantly liked it. And I knew for the first time that if you have the will, biggest pain can become very small. You should have a heart to convince you that everything is going to be all right. Then the pain becomes music.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I am so confused. I have got lots of books spread on my floor.( Don't worry. I have neatly arranged it. There are suspense books (my all time favourite), serious books and non- fictions. But I am cluless on what to read. It's been months since I posted on my blogs. Yesterday I spent some time with one of my neighbour ( Lakshmi Aunty). She was so insightful and well read that I could n't help thinking that I should give more priority to do things which I really like. In my effort to make a sudden change, I have started reading a non -fiction ' An intimate Seshan'. Though I was sleepy all along while reading I could atleast console me for having finished a chapter of the book. I still remember what I read so far. I could write a review of this book but not in this blog but in my other blog as the book is a pure non fiction stuff and suits this journo blog. But that alone wont work. The new books and reviews on various blogs always tells me where I am and what I should do.I miss reading all those reviews and enjoying their companionship of my fellow bloggers.

Please do tell me. What Should I Read first - Suspense which is my all time favourite or Non - fiction which I also love reading, but could not review it in my two favourite blogs. Or should I read both books Simultanously.

Expecting a suggestion.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Long hair and bride grooms


Hair Cut – This is something I usually resort to when I am too tensed or mired in depression.Thanks to my hair that grows too quickly. Otherwise I would have left with nothing but a head with little hair as depression is something that knocks me on my butt quite often.

So as usual, it knocked and I went to a nearest saloon to have a new hair cut. This time my hair has not grown too long. But my hair stylist was too adept in his profession that he made me look beautiful with a new hair cut.

This whole episode made me think of the situation that existed ten years back. My hair ( long and shiny)was the only salient feature I possessed. I had even admirers for my long thick hair which hung to my waist. But unfortunately, I loved short and neatly trimmed hair. Seven years back, things were different. I could not cut my hair for my parents believed that (though they never told me this fact indirectly) long hair can woo prospective grooms. It was not only my parents who nurtured this 'bull shit' idea, but the whole society (Kerala society) did ....No still does....

Longs hairs are maintained by the girls for their husbands.Why? No idea....ten years back, like every other naive Malayalee girl ( Kerala girl) I too used to think that may be there is something my future husband would like to do with my hair. But seasons have changed and I too realised that hair will be of little help in marital life. Acting on this revelation, seven years back I proclaimed my independence by cutting my hair without informing my parents.....

Now I am here experimenting different hair cuts and I truly believe that it has increased the number of admirers. ( Is that an exaggerated statement? Nay! I dont think so......

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am delighted....a question for you,,,,

I am delighted, totally delighted....I got a topic to post. It is not a topic but a question- a question I borrowed from one of my fellow blogger.

The question is " If you are a voracious reader, which books will you try to save, when your house is on fire?

I would like to direct this question to my dearest fellow bloggers.

 I am eager to know the names of those precious books which you would try to save.