Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Long hair and bride grooms


Hair Cut – This is something I usually resort to when I am too tensed or mired in depression.Thanks to my hair that grows too quickly. Otherwise I would have left with nothing but a head with little hair as depression is something that knocks me on my butt quite often.

So as usual, it knocked and I went to a nearest saloon to have a new hair cut. This time my hair has not grown too long. But my hair stylist was too adept in his profession that he made me look beautiful with a new hair cut.

This whole episode made me think of the situation that existed ten years back. My hair ( long and shiny)was the only salient feature I possessed. I had even admirers for my long thick hair which hung to my waist. But unfortunately, I loved short and neatly trimmed hair. Seven years back, things were different. I could not cut my hair for my parents believed that (though they never told me this fact indirectly) long hair can woo prospective grooms. It was not only my parents who nurtured this 'bull shit' idea, but the whole society (Kerala society) did ....No still does....

Longs hairs are maintained by the girls for their husbands.Why? No idea....ten years back, like every other naive Malayalee girl ( Kerala girl) I too used to think that may be there is something my future husband would like to do with my hair. But seasons have changed and I too realised that hair will be of little help in marital life. Acting on this revelation, seven years back I proclaimed my independence by cutting my hair without informing my parents.....

Now I am here experimenting different hair cuts and I truly believe that it has increased the number of admirers. ( Is that an exaggerated statement? Nay! I dont think so......

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am delighted....a question for you,,,,

I am delighted, totally delighted....I got a topic to post. It is not a topic but a question- a question I borrowed from one of my fellow blogger.

The question is " If you are a voracious reader, which books will you try to save, when your house is on fire?

I would like to direct this question to my dearest fellow bloggers.

 I am eager to know the names of those precious books which you would try to save.