Friday, December 28, 2012

It was 2 .40 pm, December 18. That was the day, I had to attend the wine tasting organised by Ginger Claps, a social media marketing company and sponsored by Four Seasons group. The programme was scheduled to be at 4 pm. Though I was enthusiastic at the beginning and was looking forward to the event, I was gradually getting half- minded as the time was fast approaching. Why? I never drank before and was really scared of getting drunk. Besides, I knew I would be among total strangers except for one.

So I gave him a ring and said “ Tom, I really do not want to come. Could we just take the wine bottle home and drink and review. You know, I have never drunk before.”

Mustering strength and keeping all apprehension aside for a while, I boarded a crowded bus and reached Dream Hotel, Elamkulam which was the venue for the event. Contrary to all my worries, I felt light when I entered the venue. I also found some pleasant and jovial blogger buddies who were later to become good friends there.

Serene and dark-hued, the venue was perfect for the occasion. The wine glasses were neatly arranged on our tables. We met Amit, our wine trainer who was very cordial with us. We also had some foreign bloggers ( I think so) attending the event. Though Amit was well equipped in making ourselves aware of the nuances of wine making and tasting, I was not able to concentrate properly for the fear of getting drunk was still rearing its ugly head. Some of the significant features which I could capture while drinking wine were all these....

First and foremost, drink wine in a wine glass. I agree to it completely as I could not enjoy wine, later at home, when I drank in a small glass which was definitely not suited for the purpose. Next smell it and absorb the aroma. I instantly liked chenin blanc as it smelt of the wine which I used to get in my church. Along with the wine, there were fish and chicken served. Though Amit asked us to sip the wine in a certain way, I could not do it and I just drank it the way I wanted to.
( My first sip.....courtesy Anisha Ranjit)

I sipped the wine and had a piece of fish. The taste was quite alright....But in the next round I had a piece of chicken after a sip of wine. It felt good and kind of refreshing. The fear fizzled out in no time and I was enjoying chenin blanc. But all the time, my eyes were fixed on the red wine bottle ( Chiraz ) which was placed near chenin blanc. For me, wine is just red wine and I always wanted to drink red wine.

I heard Santhosh, another blogger from Kochi saying to Amit “ I prefer that wine which Omar Khayyam used to drink.”

Thus Chiraz was poured to another wine glass. I was waiting for this moment....... I sipped but to my surprise, I did not like it. It was too bitter....I just pushed the glass aside....It was then that Amit came to our table and asked “ Which one did you prefer” I said “ White wine “. I finished my second glass too....To my surprise when I finished the second glass, the chiraz was luring me and I drank it...Now I liked it...

Thus ended the eventful day....