Friday, July 27, 2012

I pierced my nose

I pierced my nose - Declaring independence for the second time. Nobody in my family has ever done that before. ( I think I am doing several things which they could not even dare to think in the wildest of their dreams).I was born as a Christian. I really do not know whether the society insists or not, there is unwritten law that if you are a Christian you need to adhere to certain dressing codes. Applying 'Kajal' and wearing ' Bindi' are of course out of the question. Hence 'Piercing nose' – an emphatic ' No'. Many regards and still regards all these as something done by Hindus ( those who follow the religion of Hinduism). Perhaps, that might be the reason why my ' Mum' asked “ Is there any Hindu guy I am seeing” - I said “ Mum, I did this because I wanted to do it for a long time.”

When I decided to cut my hair ( my first declaration of independence ), I did not inform my parents. Now too, I did not inform them for I knew their first reaction would be an emphatic ' No'.

I had always wanted to pierce my nose. But could never bring myself do it as I was confused about how to do it. Whether I should go to a beauty parlour or rather resort to a gun shot piercing, which is painless or else go for a goldsmith which is painful but the hole would be healed quickly.

I could not opt the former as I had real bad experience with it. I did pierce my ears to put ' second earrings'. But the hole was not healed even after 5 years and I had to take it off. Hence I thought, this time I would opt for a goldsmith ( As per the tradition here, we have goldsmiths to pierce ears and nose). But it is really painful. Somehow I mustered courage to go to him.

I went to a jewellery shop and bought a gold nose stud (It is called 'Mukkuthi' in my language). It was tiny. The shop owner warned me that it would be a bit
small for my nose but I did not pay heed to him. I did not want to spend more on it. I told ' Thattan', the gold smith not to show any of the instruments with which he was going to pierce my nose.

To my surprise, nothing happened as I imagined. It took just 5 seconds and not too much pain, just two drops of tears from my left eye ( I pierced my right nose).

But the piercing saga did not end there. When I woke up in the morning. I could not find my nose stud. As its top portion was too tiny it went inside the hole and got stuck there.
I again had to rush to the gold smith. Since its top portion was inside, it had to be pulled out from below. Very painful......That did not deter me from having another mukuthi and wearing it. I bought another one which suited my nose. To my shock,
the goldsmith could not put it. Hence he had to pierce my nose again with the same nail. This time I saw it. There was pain, pain and only pain. But all ended well. I am happy. When my parents saw it they instantly liked it. And I knew for the first time that if you have the will, biggest pain can become very small. You should have a heart to convince you that everything is going to be all right. Then the pain becomes music.