Friday, November 16, 2012

Being Single - The confused chap

Today I had an interesting conversation with some of my colleagues. It all started when one of my colleague asked me why I insist on being ' Single'.

 " God is saving me for the right person " . That was my curt reply

This is not the first time I was asked this question by the same guy. What made him now ask that question, he came across my face book status update... It read like this "  Read ' Almost Single' by Advaitha Kala. Single women out there, go and grab your copies'. He was talking as if I were exhorting ' Single blessedness' to women.

What irked me was the next question " Why can't you do something when others are doing it. Other women are getting married and having babies. Why can't you do that ?," The guy was pushing the limits. I asked him to sit down.

" What is bothering you?" He just brushed aside my question conviniently and went on with his blabbering.  " When are you planning to have a baby?" 

I said " When I feel like." But that was not enough to quench his thirst of curiosity. "  Do not waste your time. It's high time," he said with an earnest look. Poor chap - it seems he is interested in the well being of every single women, out there. He is also ready to leave my other who is also of my age. Poor girl laughed when we were having this conversation. That was the only mistake she committed. " It seems that you might had a break up. That's why you laughed," he said with a frown.

Now what is wrong with this guy?
I told him on his face " Niyas ( name changed ), something is wrong with you. You are desperate to find a girl. The despair has reached at its zenith that you want to comfort yourself by soothing replies from single women which favour your situation. Just go and think. Also ask yourself what do you want from your life. Set your priorities. Don't play safe. Marriage is not the ultimate solution for everything. Emotions are so varied that it can excite you to live life to the fullest and marriage id definitely not the first and the last answer. But the only thing is that you have to delve in to the depth of your heart. Please don't tread the path of sadism," I  ( the great Shalet) said :D.
 Why can't I say these things to myself when I am deeply troubled is yet another question. But let's keep it aside for a while.