Thursday, February 7, 2013

Big Screen confusion

I think  I have a big screen confusion. I don't have any other word in my possession to describe this confusion .  

What is a big screen confusion? It is just one among the innumerable confusion I already have.

Though I am excited to watch a movie in a theatre, I  forget the majority of the scenes except who acted in it and what the movie is all about.I  can well make out whether it is a good movie or not. That's it.  The whole movie just dissolves away. 

If I have enjoyed any particular one I rent or buy the CD of the movie. Things were different when I was unemployed. I was at the mercy of Televison. When it appears on TV, I watch it, otherwise I just culled out the earnest yearning to watch it. To enjoy a movie, I need a small screen all for myself. That's why I love my laptop....:D

Why such confusion? 

My dad was very protective. He never took us ( me, mom and bro ) to crowded areas where there exist a huge chance for people ogling at you. Hence we missed most of the good films. Though we try our level best to make dad take us for movies, it always fell on deaf ears. In course of time, we learnt to keep all our wishes to ourselves including watching movies. Though me and my bro compensated for it when we started living by ourselves, mom still do not have that opportunity. Though in course of time, dad became liberal in his many ways but not about watching movies at theatres.

Though there are so many things I don't approve of my dad's, I always believes that whatever he does always culminated in the best. Maybe because of it, I developed this sort confusion for the big screen. And no regrets for the confusion.



deeps said...

thats not a bad confusion

Shalet Jimmy said...


Chatty Crone said...

Thank you for following me - in some ways - even with different backgrounds - I understand your life.

Green Speck said...

Confusions lead to understanding eventually !!!