Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sometimes you have to fight forgetting all those experiences

When you become a journalist, don't ever think that you can change the whole world by your writing. Since I started off very late in journalism and as life had given me bundles of experiences thankfully, I never nurtured such a misconception. Besides my life and career have never been a smooth sail for me. It still is not. I have to constantly fight with my parents if I have to take any serious decision concerning my life. I have to constantly fight with my boss to give any of my deserving story, a proper display.

 As I have hardly any social life and only job, whatever happens in my work place affects me severely. This has constantly landed me in depression and trouble. I got tired of fighting and I started accepting everything as a stoic though at times, I explode. So one fine morning, all of a sudden, my motto became ' file and forget' ( file the story and forget about it). 

About two weeks back, I could not adhere to my motto. If I did, it could have blocked a new hope which came in the lives of 126 girls. In Kochi ( Kochi is a district in Kerala), where I stay, there is a Government Girls Home which houses girls from the age group of 4 to 17 years old. Most of the girls lodged here were subjected to sexual abuse and it is for their rehabilitation they are housed in the home.

Kerala, the most literate state in India is notorious for the increasing rape cases. As I said earlier, it is here the victims of sex scandals are housed from the age group 4 to 17. I wrote a story about their plight. They do not have enough basic facilities including toilets and water supply. What really saddened me was the fact that due to the lack of funds they were not given sanitary napkins but clothes during menstruation. They do not have adequate water supply to clean those blood stained clothes resulting  in severe urinary infection. That was horrible.

What irked me was that my story did not appear even after two days and the issue needed immediate attention.I fought for it and the story did appear the next day. To my surprise, help started pouring in to the inmates from nook and cranny. I am happy for my stand did not go in vain. It gives immense pleasure to know that a little effort of yours could bring smile to a bunch of underprivileged girls. It happened  just two days before Women's day....:D

Sometimes your life cannot give you happiness. But you can be happy looking at the happiness of others' lives.

                                                                                            -    Shalet Jimmy


Rajeesh said...

appreciate your efforts..
Keep up the good efforts, and do let us know if you require a support. :)

Anita said...

God bless you!!! Your voice and your "pen" are very powerful. Thank you for being persistent. I have a heart for all children, however, the situations of girls break my heart the most. I pray that the men of the world will think of their mothers, sisters and daughters and will learn and teach their sons to respsect women; to value them and to not be afraid of the worth that we have.

Roshan said...

Awesome what you did. Sticking to your guns can pay off. And when it is for such a worthy cause....
Sad to hear about those poor girls.