Friday, May 17, 2013

MOM and Chappathi

Yesterday I was making Chappathi (made of flour) and it made me think of my childhood days when my mom used to make them. Frankly, I hardly took any interest in learning cooking from her. I always felt like ‘that was not me, I am much more masculine’. Years passed by. Now I am living alone. Since I do not enjoy hotel food, I have to cook for myself.  I started with tit-bits. Nevertheless, to say, it was quite successful. To my surprise, when I started cooking, I was following her, unknowingly. It is not that making a chappathi is a Herculean task. All you need is to be tactful to get the round shape. Otherwise, it could be sticky. Anybody could have surely faced such a problem to get that round shape without getting the flour sticky.

When I started cooking, like in a trance, I do everything my mom used to do. Sometimes I even think that I am not ‘me’ anymore but 'her'. It always hit strange to me for I always let my father influence me. I blindly emulated him and wanted to be like him. Still I do. ....In my mom's case, I always felt that I never resembled her in any way, not even in her looks. Now I feel that I resemble her, in every way and I am so happy. This is not only in the case with ‘chappathis’ but almost in every thing. I love that for she is a woman with integrity.

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