Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hymenoplasty - Honestly, I did not know about it. But a few days ago when a leading news paper in India reported on an incident, I started  delving into the logic behind hymenoplasty. The news was about a lover accompanying his girl friend for hymenoplasty, ie a surgery to reconstruct the broken hymen. The report says that the number resorting to this surgery is increasing considerably.

This is the story. They were lovers and as any lovers in love would do, they also had sex. But when the question of marriage arose, their parents were dead against it for they belonged to different castes. They did not want to go against their parents and decided to part. But before they split ways, they wanted to eliminate any trace of their relationship.  And the boyfriend took the girl friend to a hospital for the aforementioned surgery.

My first question is a big ' Why?'
Second, ' What do they want to prove by it?'

The lovers represents new generation. But the irony is that it is the same erudite youth who clamour for liberation and freedom.  The report also adds that there are mothers too who are taking their daughters for hymenoplasty.

Unlike other countries, for an Indian woman her ‘virginity’ is her priced possession. Growing up, I have heard many ridiculous things such as testing the virginity of a new bride. The family members would spread a white sheet on the bed where the new couple would make love for the first time. If there was blood on the sheet, the bride was a virgin. If not she would be in utter peril. But that was several years ago. I felt things have changed.

Rapes are increasing in the country. When it happens, it happens. The government and authorities are straining their nerves to wipe it away but in vain. It has become a contagious disease. Sadly, the rape victims could not even start their life afresh because of the undue importance attached to ‘hymen’. I remember at this point a quote by a famous woman writer . “When something of this sort happens, the hurt remains but traces of such an untoward incident could be wiped out just by washing it with ‘ DETTOL’ and start life afresh’.

When women are trying their level best to gain their rights, please do not belittle their efforts by hymenoplasty or whatever. THIS IS A HUMBLE REQUEST.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our first blogger's meet at Kochi ( Kochi is in Kerala)

Our first bloggers' meet. Me, Anisha, Nevin, Santhosh, Shijith, Tom and Joseph met each other when we went for wine tasting organised by Ginger claps. We were supposed to write a review on it in our blogs. But soon acquaintance grew through Face book. We decided to open a face book page. Tom did all the necessary work. Thus our page Cochin blog society was formed. Soon other bloggers in Kochi joined and we decided to conduct a get together.  That was our first unofficial bloggers' meet. Except Vineeth, only we were there. We went to a restaurant at Chaikofi at Palarivattom in Kochi. We just sat and talked and talked. Nothing official, just friends who could write anything under the sun talked on varied topics....I am uploading some of our photographs. It is too late to upload it as we had our second bloggers meet too.

But better late than never, right?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

a question for you......On the horns of dilemma

What if people start adopting the policy -You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours