Monday, March 11, 2013

I got 52 bloggers

It has been 3 years since I started this blog and now I have 52 followers.Comparing to the followers of other blogs, I know mine is a minimal number.

But I am happy. I never ever thought I would have a blog even with 10 followers.Hence I regard it as an achievement.Besides this blog has helped me in several ways. I started this blog when I was in a relationship. But that never helped me and I continued being a loner.Result,a huge vacuum in life. But this blog bridged that gap to a great extend.

There was none who encouraged me when I started this blog. I was even told that I was just good in writing captions and not long articles. (I was a copy writer when I started this blog and now I am a journalist).But once it got started, many of the bloggers who have started following me encouraged and instilled confidence in me through their comments to write. At this juncture, I remember with gratitude, who took the pains to read an amateur blog and throw comments. When I ran out of ideas to write, I remember Piedmont Writer giving me a thread to write. I really do not know whether this blog has got any stuff to lure readers. But I am happy that I have 52 sweet followers. This blog missed updations for many months and it had to suffer badly due to it. I think many of my frequent blogger

buddies do not comment anymore except one or two. Maybe they think that I have stopped writing in it.At the same time, I am also happy that I have got many new blogger friends.