Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sex + Reluctance = Rape which creates Criminals...Do you agree ?

I was interviewing someone, yesterday. He was talking about various issues that has gripped India for the last 15 years – from Rape to Vandalism. In the middle of the conversation, he said  “ the mounting criminal cases are in one way or the other, the repercussions of rapes happened with consent.” It made me thinking. I know that this particular issue has been spoken about, written and discussed several times. I too have my own opinions. Infact certain comments he made strengthened my convictions.

He said “ Many of the criminals languishing in the jails are sadly the products of a reluctant sexual intercourse between a father and a mother. Sex is something which has to be enjoyed. But how could two individuals especially strangers enjoy it, one fine morning ...I mean one fine night only because their parents and the society gave them the license in the form of marriage. How many of them take time to understand each other?. Sadly, in one way or the other, the woman or the man is succumbing to the confines of society. The emotions hardly reaches the heart. How could you expect babies born out of such consummation would not reflect the dissatisfaction, they parents might have felt while their mating. How could such parents guide their children at a confused time as this,” he asked. 

He substantiated his thoughts with a Malayalam axiom “ Pattaril Pottanilla”  There are no idiots in Pattars ( Tamil Brahmins).  He said “ In their system of marriage, they do not allow the bride and groom to be together just after their marriage. They give the bride and groom seven days to understand each other,” he said. My interviewee also cited many revered names to substantiate his points. He concluded “ This nation needs emotionally strong fathers and mothers.”

But in a changing and muddled scenario as this I hardly think seven days are quite enough for a man and woman to understand each other.