Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's drizzling...wanting to rain

Valentine Weather

Kiss me with rain on your eyelashes,
come on, let us sway together,
under the trees, and to hell with thunder.”
Edwin Morgan, A Book of Lives

Sunday, July 20, 2014

R.I.P Uncle

Sometimes dead can teach you a lot than the living.

My uncle died a few weeks ago. His demise came as a shock. He was not that old. No afflictions were ailing him. I was informed about his death about 4 am in the morning. He passed away at 3 am. As I was working in another district and it was early morning, I had to wait a few hours before I boarded a bus to his place. He was my father's second brother – in – law. Out of the three uncles ( aunts' husbands) , I liked him the most. It has been more than 20 years since we were drifted away from my father's family. Now we are on talking terms. But the ties are not so strong. A gap of 20 years had already wreaked its damage.

He married my aunt when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Memories about him were all pleasant- a calm and collected man who brings us, children, sweet smelling perfumes from Dubai. Last time, when I saw him, I could sense that he was shrunk – both mentally and physically. But the smile which he always had for us did not fade from his face. When I met him last, alive he was holding a glass of Johnnie Walker with his eyes lowered. Surprisingly, the smile lingered. Amidst that 'helplessness' was written all over his face. Something was gnawing at him. I still do not know what is it ? I regret that I did not ask him, that ? He would have responded to me.

Uncle's funeral was scheduled at 11.30 am. I reached there at 9 am. There was no ranting or raving. His wife was sitting a bit far away from him ( I do not want to describe him as a body ). Some of the relatives were sitting at a corner talking about many other things as if nothing happened. I could hardly see tears welling down in any of the eyes watching him. He lay there unwanted. He deserved much better for was a good man. If anything to dread in this life, it is this isolation. 

But his face seemed unusually calm. It felt as if his loneliness and helplessness finally ended. I am happy that his end came without troubling him much. It might be the fruit for all those helplessness and loneliness. He developed a cough and was brought to the hospital when it intensified. But the doctors said he was brought dead. RIP uncle...

Monday, July 7, 2014


Back to blogging is always like coming home after a lot of wandering. Jotting down something in Facebook or Twitter do not require much of your energy. But blogging takes all your attention and energy and I love that. I have too many things to write but little time. My hectic job wouldn't permit me do that. But one cannot avoid your life time friends for too long.

To make my ' Coming home ', a bit simple this time, I thought of uploading some of my photos. They are close to my heart just because I got to live those moments which I used to yearn. ' Settu Mundu', temples, ponds fascinates me and these moments are not easy to grab as I am a Christian. Christians hardly do have a pond in their compound, right

My colleague- Mithun Vinod clicked these photos.

Photo 1 :

What you see here is called ' Kokkarni' in Malayalam. You have to climb down many steps to reach this beautiful ' aambal poika' – a pond full of lotus.... The temple is Kalady Meloor Sivakshethram. I went there to attend my best friend's wedding. 

When you enter the temple, you could easily mistaken the ' Kokkarni' for a well. You would not think remotest corner of your heart that there is an ' aambal poika' underneath unless you peep into it. Somebody was heard saying that in the olden times, the Namboothiri women ( Brahmin women ) used to bathe here . Since it looked like a cave, the outsiders could not see women bathing here. 

Imagine beautiful women wearing a ' Kacchha', a piece of cloth tied around their body which reaches up to their knee (Would resemble a strapless tunic), smearing turmeric all over their body and frolicking in the water.
The dress I wear is called the ' Settu Mundu', the traditional wear of Kerala. It is a two piece cloth with ' Kasavu' along its fringes. It is worn, the way you wear a Saree with some slight changes. Though it is considered as the traditional wear of the state, the Muslims and Christians hardly wear it. But this is my favourite attire...

Photo 2 : 
 I did not know that many snakes (:D) dwell here. We climbed down these steps with much strain. Our bare feet got hurt whenever we placed  them on the large stones that lie beneath. You are not suppose to wear foot wear inside a temple compound.

Photo 3 : This is clicked near the temple. OOps, I do not have a photograph of the  beautiful temple.

Photo 4 :