Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bangalore Diary - Part 2

 So, I joined an NGO which deals with child rights. Now, this is a surprise detour in my life. Not in the wildest of my dreams did I think, I would land up in an NGO. I work in the media wing.

Sometimes, destiny has a strange way of fulfilling your dreams. Five years ago,when I joined a newspaper, I thought journalism was my calling. To prove otherwise not even a single incident has happened all through these years.  But to my dismay, one fine morning, it has ceased motivating me. 

Going to office became a tedious job. I felt like I was repeating myself.  There were time, I even doubted, is the life asking me to take a step towards marital bliss. I am not against the institution of marriage. But leaving everything which I fought for, just like that did not make any sense to me.

 I decided to move out of Kerala. I landed up in Bangalore. I joined an organization which dealt with news. But that was really distant from ‘ real journalism’.
Even before, I started off from Kerala, I had a strong feeling that this particular job was not something, I would stick for a while. But I have to go to Bangalore and needed a job to live. So I took the plunge. And all my apprehensions got confirmed once I joined the organisation. Every day became a tedious one and I quit the organization. For the first time, I felt, I do not want to do journalism anymore.

 I attended many interviews….content writer, copy writer..But that never excited me and maybe because of that I never got through.

Those days, without a job in a new city really made me think what I really wanted from my life…

There were so many things in my life which I was clasping to my bosom like a treasure. I listened to my heart and it said

 “Shalet, those were not the real important things. You are holding them holy all through your life just for nothing. Come out of those norms.”  

I realized I wanted to travel and write.

 Where will that lead me?.... I do not know.

Will there be a career growth? ….. I do not know. 

What will my parents say? Just throwing away a job like that and doing something which cannot guarantee anything materialistically…… I do not know.

I do not know and “ I do not care.  And I started feeling light. Is that what you call truly liberated.

 Then I asked me again --- “What I want from my life?”
I need an affordable roof, some money so that I could travel. Where to begin?

 The most suitable place is Kerala - my own state. ( Kerala lies at the south of India).  This might not sound a great thing for many of the travel writers out there. But for a person who is yet to know her state is a great thing. With no job and little money, I felt confident for the first time and I was all set to take on life.

 And then came “the surprising detour”. I have already applied to the same NGO for a vacancy in their media advocacy wing and they asked me to appear for an interview and a written test. To my surprise, I was selected. 

And the first thing they asked was " Are you ready to travel?" And I was like " Really"....

“ I have to Travel”. …Did you hear that? Yes Yes…..

And I also have ample to time to take up my individual journeys also. Hence,once, I settled down, I am all set to Travel….

This is my travel blog  --- Diary of a budding Travel Writer
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Shadow said...

An exciting time in your life, live it *smiles*

Shalet Jimmy said...

Thaks Shadow....

Anita said...

I'm happy for you! What a blessing to be excited about getting up each day to do something fulfilling. Best wishes with your new job and life. Hang in there as you adjust.

I will click over to see your travel blog.

KParthasarathi said...

A stone fit for the wall will never be found in the way!People spot talent with alacrity as in your case.My best wishes on your new job and the exciting travel it promises.