Tuesday, June 14, 2016

That house

Bangalore Diary - Part 2
June 15, 2016

That house added a new chapter in my life. But it was not my house. That’s why I used the word ‘That’.

There was a tree in front of it. Someone would always hang a small garbage bag on it and there was another one with a few dry leaves here and there, on the opposite side of the road.
 It reminded me of Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’ where Vladimir and Estragon waited endlessly for someone named Godot. Their unending wait was portrayed by a tree with full of leaves slowly transforming into one with a few.

I wanted to touch those trees [the trees in front of that house :) ] but forgot to do so. There was a flat nearby and on it’s walls grew the creepers, which set a perfect background for a romantic tryst.
The street used to be deserted. Pigs, cows and bulls roamed freely. Occasionally, you could see some people taking a minute to bow and touch those cows and bulls in reverence. The bulls’ horns were too sharp that I would wonder what they would do if the animals went berserk.

From the street where ‘that’ house stood, take a few turns left and right, and then you would arrive at a main road with an array of activities - street vendors, shops, people, Paani Puri waalahs’, a temple, a women selling flowers in front of it etc etc.

 But ‘the house’ was not mine.

Interestingly, everything surrounding it had left an indelible impression on me. Perhaps, that house would be the first one in my life which absorbed only my pleasant precious moments. It might have wanted to take in some of my agonies but I had none to offer at that point of time.

I would not disclose what those moments were or whose house was that but to share a realization that you did not have to make something your own to love it and cherish it.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Miss YOU and THOSE days

Diary 6/13/16

I was writing incessantly for the past five years because I was a journalist. Hence, I never felt the need to update my blogs, frequently. I started my first blog to learn writing. But as my job offered a lot of space for writing, I hardly bothered to update it, regularly.  

Apart from this above mentioned reason, I always felt writing at home a bit tedious. I could never figure out the reason for long. Now, I understood what was preventing me from writing.
I never had a ‘Table and Chair’ to write comfortably. During my journalism days at Kerala, I stayed at houses with minimum furniture. There might be chairs but not a proper table. 

Without a table and a chair, you would end up in your bed with your laptop/netbook.. Sleep can invade you soon. After sitting uncomfortably for long, you would want to lie down. Then, the laptop/notebook would be on your belly. Your head would ache and it can soon destroy your concentration.

One fine morning, may be today…I realized that I missed many things by not being active in the blogs.

I started two of my blogs 7 years ago. I was active for three years. When I pondered over those days, I could not believe that I was secure amidst so many insecurities when I was writing there. I never went out seeking friends for I had many from the blogging world. Never once did I suspect of their genuineness. It was their inspirational words which made me think for the first time that I also could write. I used to spend hours in front of the computer reading others’ blogs. Many lives just unraveled before me and it was a pleasant experience. I came to know a lot about the other world. When it was Christmas, New Year or Halloween, those blogs would look absolutely fantastic. 

I never ever felt that they were miles apart. You would get genuine responses from them. I remember putting up a post where I said I was not able to write. Anne Gallagher, who has now become a renowned writer, told me this :

“Speech is silver, silence is golden, then thinking must be platinum.
Here's something to think about and then write...
It was a dark and stormy night. The trees swayed in the whistling wind...
Now you finish it.

Oh!…How I miss them.

I would not have become a print journalist, had I not interacted with them. 
If you ask me if I ever had been nostalgic, my answer would be a ‘ NO’. Because, each day came with a new experience and I never had to look back. But if I really want anything back it, would be those blogging days where I felt the bloggers were like a family. We used to encourage each other by giving them awards and linking their blogs. Is that custom still in place or is it that I could not see it as I was on a hiatus.

I want to come back – blog and write.

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