Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Gibberish - A

When the student is ready, the teacher appears and it's so true. Your teacher can appear before you in myriad forms - like people, unfavourable circumstances, enemies, friends in disguise etc. etc. The change happens when we become ready to adapt.

Sometimes, I wonder is it that 'moment when you decide to adapt' is the real teacher? Maybe you are both - the teacher and the student. And the external factors which I mentioned above are just add-ons that supplement the teacher - student relationship which co-exists in your heart.

Whatever it is, I think that part of your heart/mind needs a lot of encouragement for you are unloading every detail which you have garnered over the years and stored in your heart as precious pearls. Once you unload, there's a huge chance that you can stand empty. But still, that part of your heart is ready to take that risk. And I think that's chivalrous.

It is always better to shut yourself once in a while from all the chaos outside. The opinions and commentaries on anything and everything are pouring in from nook and cranny that it can destroy the ability to think for yourselves. One small attempt to listen to our heart can change the world immensely.

 The greatest tragedy of our time is that we have stopped thinking for ourselves.

We think for others. 

We live for others.

My worst nightmare is to stand in a no man's land where I can't hear myself even if I strain my ears to listen to my heart.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bangalore Diaries - Abby, I miss you

So Abby has returned to the US. We were working together in an NGO. I was 10 years older to her. But the age difference never came in between us. We were good friends. You hardly realise the intensity of a relationship until that person goes far away from you. Now she has gone and I miss her terribly. I am really sad.

If I am a bit late to the office, she would send a message asking ' Are you alright?'. If I am sick she would say " If you want anything just call me." And she lives far away from my place. I knew she would come if I needed any help and she really meant what she said. But I never acknowledged it. Maybe, I was a bit taken aback by the treatment meted out to me by so many manipulative women around me.

 I never thought I would miss her ' this much'. She came to India two years ago. She lived in Delhi and was working with many NGOs there. She learnt Hindi and then came to Bangalore about nine months ago. In these two years, she has travelled to 18 states in the country. She often used to get food poisoning but that did not deter her from relishing the Indian dishes.

She loved the Indian food and most of the days she would take me to a nearby restaurant where we get typical Kerala meals ( my native food). She was very particular that she would only take 'Sambhar' ( a vegetarian curry of South India) with rice rather than fish curry. The only thing I have asked her to refrain is from Coke while she is having her meals. She would always smile and say ' Yea, I know!"

Last time we met, she showed me a photograph enthusiastically where she was eating rice with her hand.

 I was amazed by the way she analysed things, people and surroundings. I was amazed by the way she looked at things objectively. Now, that's is a quality to admire. She was like a breath of fresh air amidst so manipulative women.

Girl! I MISS YOU SO MUCH ...God bless you.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Lady Gatekeeper's and Balu's nightmare

That unfateful day ( March 14, 7.30 pm), Jhansi, a gatekeeper with Indian Railways, as usual, was closing the railway gate between Aralvaymoli and North Panakudi stations in Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu.  The Nagercoil – Bengaluru Express was about to pass.

Out of the blue, five miscreants appeared in their bikes and started yelling at her to open the gate. She was all alone and there was not a single person around. The railway station was in a deserted area and she knew that the train would not pass safely if something goes wrong.

Jhansi kept her calm and pleaded with them that she would open it once the train passes. But they were not ready to heed to any of her pleas. They started beating her black and blue. She took all the blows because she wanted the train to pass safely. It was then a small boy came that way and seeing all the commotion, he took the keys of the bikes and threw them away. This infuriated them and they left Jhansi to chase that boy.

Meanwhile, she rushed to her room to contact the Police Control room and locked herself. But they broke in and continued beating her. She was hit on her head, chest, abdomen...  Balu Chandran, a Kanyakumari native was passing by and when he saw her fighting for her life, he rushed to help her. In no way, Balu was a competitor to the miscreants. In no time, he was lying in a pool of blood. They even rolled the bike on him.Amidst all these chaos, the Nagercoil – Bengaluru  Express passed the station safely. After attacking Balu, the miscreants had gone and hid them in the dark. To Balu and Jhansi's relief, the police arrived by then and took them to the hospital.

I met them when I went to cover the programme organised by railways to honour their bravery. I am not aware whether they received any monetary assistance. Since the function was going on, I couldn't talk to them. But I took their phone numbers. Though I could get Jhansi over the phone easily, it was a task getting Balu. Because every day and night, he was searching for a job. When I called his house the second time, his wife asked: “ Can you help him to get a job?”. I just kept silent because I did not know what to say. They were several such occasions happened in my professional life where I had to stand helpless. It took three days to get him over the phone.

His life had turned topsy- turvy after the incident. He said  “  I get acute head and back aches, frequently. Because of it, I could not go to work for months.”

Earlier, he used to work in a company that makes the fishing nets. “ I used to draw a salary of Rs 12,000. Because of my illness, I was asked to leave. I am struggling hard to earn my bread and butter. I have a wife and two kids to look after. My wife could not go to work as our first born could not walk and the second child is too small to leave her alone.”

Jhansi is now a gatekeeper at Kaavalkinar. The shift is from 6 am to 2 pm and 2 pm to 10 am. “If I get a second shift, my husband would accompany me”. Asked, if she is still afraid to go to work, she said: “Yes, But I have to work.”

I do not have their photographs hence, I have cropped the pictures from the article which I have written in the newspaper. I could not go to their place and meet them. They were living in the neighbouring state. Some of the places in Tamilnadu comes under Southern Railway which also consists of some of the districts in Kerala.

If I had gone there, my article would have been different which might have benefitted them. Sometimes, journalism especially, when you are under working under any organisation, the deadlines tie your hands and you become mechanical. That's why I decided to unfetter myself from those chains.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

This is BHANGARH FORT in Rajasthan and it is HAUNTED.

This is BHANGARH FORT in Rajasthan and it is HAUNTED.

Bhangarh Fort was in the news, a few months back, when Gourav Tiwari, a “Paranormal “Investigator died under mysterious circumstances in his bathroom on July 17, 2016.
He had spent a night in the fort with his team and came up with the observation that it was not haunted. Some say he had visited 6000 haunted places, (Bhangarh Fort being one among them) and the dark energies from them led to his death.

Did he die because he visited this place? His wife rushed to the bathroom when she heard some noises. But he was already dead with black wounds on his neck. ( Source: Daily Bhaskar )
Because of the strange and mysterious happenings (not Tiwari's death but the happenings which have already happened and happening), the Archaeological Survey of India has banned visitors from entering the fort before sunrise and after sunset. Built in 1613, this small city is now known as ‘ Bhoot Bangla’ – the House of Ghosts.

Princess Ratnavati
There were two myths behind this haunted fort. A Satanist (black magician) called Sindhiya fell in love with Ratnavati, the beautiful princess of the fort. With the intention to lure her, he cast black magic on the oil she was about to apply on her head. But she realised it and poured it over on the ground. From there, a large rock was formed and towards him, crushing him to death.

But before his last breath, he cursed the fort that there would be rebirth and the city will be destroyed. This curse became reality when the princess and 10,000 inhabitants were killed in a war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh.

The other story is: The place where the fort stands now was a Samadhi spot of a Sadhu called Guru Balu Nath. When he gave the permission to King Madho Singh to build a fort nearby, he had just one condition that its shadow should not fall on his Samadhi spot. If not, the city will be ruined to death.
But as the fort progressed, the king forgot his promise and the city was doomed. And still too. Whenever a house is built near this fort, it’s roof collapses. Only the temples around the fort remained intact.

Sounds interesting. But when you read about this fort, there were many who visited the spot says there’s nothing paranormal about him. Some of the visitors who visited the place say they found some beer bottles inside.

I love to visit historical places. When I read about it, one part of my mind really wanted to visit it and the other is giving me a ‘No ‘ sign.

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Is it the same reason as yours that he did not get married?

Woman A has resigned

The conversation between Woman A and Woman B - ( They are not close friends just colleagues )

Woman B ( 26-year-old ): So, what are your future plans?

Woman A ( 37-year-old ): As of now, nothing. Let me take a break

Woman B:           Any plans of settling down?

Woman A:          Of course

Woman B:         Did you tell your parents?

Woman A ( a bit reluctant to answer every question): hmm....I should

Woman B:                Have you not told them, yet?

Woman A:                hmm...I need a break ( not want to answer further )

Woman B:               How older is he to you?

Woman A ( counts and says ): 10

Woman B:              So!! Why didn't he marry?

Woman A ( irked by the Woman B's audacity) says: There are certain things which I don't want to speak.

Woman B: I just want to know ...Is it the same reason as yours that he did not get married?

( 'Damn! I never knew there existed a specific reason that I should not get married all these years' thought Woman A )

Woman A:                  There are certain things which I don't want to speak.

Woman B:                 You just say ' Yes' or 'No'

Woman A:                 I can't say either ' Yes' or ' No'

Woman B:                 Don't delay. It's tough to have babies once you cross a specific age.

( PS: Woman B is 26 years old and she got married at the age 24. For the past three years, they have been trying for a baby )

Thursday, June 8, 2017

What do you call when a woman does that?

Yesterday, I was watching an interview called ' Koel on the Couch'. Koel Puri has interviewed many celebrities inside and outside the country ( India )on her couch and this was an interview with Tabu
( an actor from India of international acclaim).

One of her questions was about Tabu's relationship with Nagarjuna, another renowned actor in the Indian film industry. The actress who always valued her privacy answered it in a genteel way that they are friends and a strong bond exists between them and unfortunately, media has blown it out of proportion. ( I believe someone's personal life should not be of anyone's concern)

Pat came the interviewer's next question " Just that. You never had any physical contact with him."

She was dumbfounded for a second but said: " I am still connected to that family and do you think I would be a part of it if I had ."

We blame men a lot for anything and everything. But this question is asked by a woman.

Unfortunately, I have seen many women unabashedly asking this question and trying to pry into other women's lives rudely without caring others' emotions and privacy.

If men do that we can call them Perverts and laments that it's all because of Patriarchy.

What do you call when a woman does that?