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This is BHANGARH FORT in Rajasthan and it is HAUNTED.

This is BHANGARH FORT in Rajasthan and it is HAUNTED.

Bhangarh Fort was in the news, a few months back, when Gourav Tiwari, a “Paranormal “Investigator died under mysterious circumstances in his bathroom on July 17, 2016.
He had spent a night in the fort with his team and came up with the observation that it was not haunted. Some say he had visited 6000 haunted places, (Bhangarh Fort being one among them) and the dark energies from them led to his death.

Did he die because he visited this place? His wife rushed to the bathroom when she heard some noises. But he was already dead with black wounds on his neck. ( Source: Daily Bhaskar )
Because of the strange and mysterious happenings (not Tiwari's death but the happenings which have already happened and happening), the Archaeological Survey of India has banned visitors from entering the fort before sunrise and after sunset. Built in 1613, this small city is now known as ‘ Bhoot Bangla’ – the House of Ghosts.

Princess Ratnavati
There were two myths behind this haunted fort. A Satanist (black magician) called Sindhiya fell in love with Ratnavati, the beautiful princess of the fort. With the intention to lure her, he cast black magic on the oil she was about to apply on her head. But she realised it and poured it over on the ground. From there, a large rock was formed and towards him, crushing him to death.

But before his last breath, he cursed the fort that there would be rebirth and the city will be destroyed. This curse became reality when the princess and 10,000 inhabitants were killed in a war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh.

The other story is: The place where the fort stands now was a Samadhi spot of a Sadhu called Guru Balu Nath. When he gave the permission to King Madho Singh to build a fort nearby, he had just one condition that its shadow should not fall on his Samadhi spot. If not, the city will be ruined to death.
But as the fort progressed, the king forgot his promise and the city was doomed. And still too. Whenever a house is built near this fort, it’s roof collapses. Only the temples around the fort remained intact.

Sounds interesting. But when you read about this fort, there were many who visited the spot says there’s nothing paranormal about him. Some of the visitors who visited the place say they found some beer bottles inside.

I love to visit historical places. When I read about it, one part of my mind really wanted to visit it and the other is giving me a ‘No ‘ sign.

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Is it the same reason as yours that he did not get married?

Woman A has resigned

The conversation between Woman A and Woman B - ( They are not close friends just colleagues )

Woman B ( 26-year-old ): So, what are your future plans?

Woman A ( 37-year-old ): As of now, nothing. Let me take a break

Woman B:           Any plans of settling down?

Woman A:          Of course

Woman B:         Did you tell your parents?

Woman A ( a bit reluctant to answer every question): hmm....I should

Woman B:                Have you not told them, yet?

Woman A:                hmm...I need a break ( not want to answer further )

Woman B:               How older is he to you?

Woman A ( counts and says ): 10

Woman B:              So!! Why didn't he marry?

Woman A ( irked by the Woman B's audacity) says: There are certain things which I don't want to speak.

Woman B: I just want to know ...Is it the same reason as yours that he did not get married?

( 'Damn! I never knew there existed a specific reason that I should not get married all these years' thought Woman A )

Woman A:                  There are certain things which I don't want to speak.

Woman B:                 You just say ' Yes' or 'No'

Woman A:                 I can't say either ' Yes' or ' No'

Woman B:                 Don't delay. It's tough to have babies once you cross a specific age.

( PS: Woman B is 26 years old and she got married at the age 24. For the past three years, they have been trying for a baby )