Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Gibberish - A

When the student is ready, the teacher appears and it's so true. Your teacher can appear before you in myriad forms - like people, unfavourable circumstances, enemies, friends in disguise etc. etc. The change happens when we become ready to adapt.

Sometimes, I wonder is it that 'moment when you decide to adapt' is the real teacher? Maybe you are both - the teacher and the student. And the external factors which I mentioned above are just add-ons that supplement the teacher - student relationship which co-exists in your heart.

Whatever it is, I think that part of your heart/mind needs a lot of encouragement for you are unloading every detail which you have garnered over the years and stored in your heart as precious pearls. Once you unload, there's a huge chance that you can stand empty. But still, that part of your heart is ready to take that risk. And I think that's chivalrous.

It is always better to shut yourself once in a while from all the chaos outside. The opinions and commentaries on anything and everything are pouring in from nook and cranny that it can destroy the ability to think for yourselves. One small attempt to listen to our heart can change the world immensely.

 The greatest tragedy of our time is that we have stopped thinking for ourselves.

We think for others. 

We live for others.

My worst nightmare is to stand in a no man's land where I can't hear myself even if I strain my ears to listen to my heart.

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