Thursday, August 30, 2018

It's time to see yet another meaningful dream

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I was just thinking of a dream, I had many years ago. I might have been 21 or 22 and was going through a rough phase, then. I did not know where to look for help. It was then I had this dream.

I could see two mountains separated by a deep gorge. There’s a long queue of people waiting to jump and get to the other side. The queue felt like infinity. I still remember the word ‘ infinity’ when I woke up from my dream. Still, I could see me standing at the end of the queue.

Though people were jumping, none could reach the other mountain as two gargantuan  snakes – A Cobra and a Python flying from deep inside the gorge and biting the feet of every men when they reach the middle of the gorge while jumping. They could reach only till the feet of the people who jumped.

Then they fall into the deep abyss.

It repeated with everyone until it was my turn to jump. I wasn’t thinking about anything then. There was no fear, apprehension. I was numb or maybe, stoic. I wasn’t sure except that there was no turbulence going on in my mind. I was ready to jump without thinking twice.

The moment I jumped , the gargantuan snakes, from the belly of the gorge rose above to bit. When I reached the middle of the deep abyss, I did not know what made me split my legs and the snakes could not reach me and I reached the other mountain.

Only, I could reach that mountain.

I was so disturbed when I woke up. You could imagine the impact it made then. Even after all these years, it’s so fresh as if it happened yesterday.

Since I saw two snakes in the dream, I started thinking something inauspicious was going to happen. But one of my friends corrected me saying “ That’s a positive dream. There were hurdles and only you could reach the other mountain. Your heart is giving you signs that you are going to succeed.”

And that changed the way, I started looking at life.

For many long years, I struggled and worked hard like a log. After nine years of doing many odd jobs, I landed in a job I liked the most. 

After five years, I started again being restless. I could not be complacent anymore. My heart started telling that it’s time you prepare yourself to make the next big leap.

I do not know when it is going to happen …

Maybe, it’s time for yet another dream…

“ Everyone has ups and downs in their lives. Do you have any motivational stories to share with me and others. I am all ears.”

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