Friday, May 28, 2010

Surprises awaits Simone

Chapter 2 Surprises awaits Simone

Simone felt sorry for the little creature, but she was also excited about the way things had turned out. Ferian continued with a pang in his heart. "Everything was going smoothly, until the land was struck by a holocaust named Dalubla".

Nobody knew from where she came. She appeared in the land of Mozaacca, out of thick air. Ferian shuddered at the very thought of Dalubla. Her nose was too long and curved at the end. Her eyes emanated violence. She wore a long, loose black robe with a hat on her head. It is said that sometimes blood drooled from her mouth. When she spoke her nose spewed smoke. Her nose was too curved at the end that it touched her upper lips. She had long, sharp nails which could easily pierce anything.

Simone felt excitement running through her veins. She went near to Feriana and touched it gently to make sure that she was not dreaming. It was buttery.

Feriana went on with its story without realising her smooth touch. One day Dalubla became so angry that she wreaked havoc in the land of Mozaacca. None dared to come out of their hiding and I was the only one whom she got her hands on. I was running for my life and in the struggle, I fell and I did not know where I was now?".

" Hallo! I am Simone and you are in my room, trying to get into my book - " The Land of Mozaacca". Simone said with a smile on her face. " But how did you save yourself Feriana? she asked with a perplexed look.

" In my land there flows the "Rivulet of God". No wicked person could cross it. I crossed it and thus saved myself. I am trying to get on to my land again...Would you help me, Simone?...Feriana asked.

" Dalubla is sowing destruction and still you want to get in to that place again"... Simone asked  with a frown.

" Mozaacca is my world and besides my friends and family are there and how can I leave them. Feriana sighed.

" How can I help you?...Simone asked.

" Take me in your hands and lift me up to the entrance. I will swoop from there. ...Feriana answered with a smile.

Simone took it in her hand and lifted it up. Feeling happy it thanked her for her  kindheartedness and said she  very well fitted their place.

As it was about to pounce to its land, a whirlwind blew , which made Feriana loose its balance and it hung on Simone's hand. She was trembling with fear as her hand with Feriana clinging on to it was now in the land of Mozaacca. She could not retrieve it back.

The wind was blowing severely and the force from the other side was too tremendous that she had to give in and along with Feriana she landed in the beautiful world of virtues - The Land of Mozaacca.

(to be continued)


Ekanthapadhikan said...

Rather a good imaginative piece. But I expected more from you. This one was rather abrupt.

Shalet Jimmy said...

I just wanted to know how far I can go on with an imaginative stuff. I have never read fantasies except Cindrella.