Friday, October 29, 2010

Food for thought

This is something that I came across as a sheer coincidence and every such coincidences offered a lot of things to ruminate. A news  was published in an online paper almost one year ago and it was likethis.

Eight year old Saudi girl divorces her 5o year old husband - definitely a food for thought. 

Her mother applied for a divorce twice and was rejected .One judge ruled out the divorce citing that she could apply for it only when she reaches her puberty. The girl was coerced into marriage by her father for 50,000 Saudi riyals (around $13, 300). The divorce happened months after hearing and also by the uproar created by International media and the human rights associations.

A big curse on those people whose thoughts are marred beyond recognition. I could not understand that state of mind that really wanted to get married to a girl child who hasn't attained her puberty. When someone makes a furore about it, they come up with their bogus excuses. A bud can blossom, only when it is allowed to grow.



Cinner said...

I find this very very sad and disturbing. take care.

Shalet Jimmy said...


It is absolutely disturbing,too disturbing that I had many sleepless nights brooding over it.

take care.

orannia said...

Children should be allowed to be just that...children. I can't find the words ATM for how wrong this is...

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

I'm so sad. :( Oh, poor children...
It is really disturbing!

Big hugs,
B xx

Aneesh said...

at least judge can show some mercy on this matter.... :X

great judge