Saturday, July 21, 2012


I am so confused. I have got lots of books spread on my floor.( Don't worry. I have neatly arranged it. There are suspense books (my all time favourite), serious books and non- fictions. But I am cluless on what to read. It's been months since I posted on my blogs. Yesterday I spent some time with one of my neighbour ( Lakshmi Aunty). She was so insightful and well read that I could n't help thinking that I should give more priority to do things which I really like. In my effort to make a sudden change, I have started reading a non -fiction ' An intimate Seshan'. Though I was sleepy all along while reading I could atleast console me for having finished a chapter of the book. I still remember what I read so far. I could write a review of this book but not in this blog but in my other blog as the book is a pure non fiction stuff and suits this journo blog. But that alone wont work. The new books and reviews on various blogs always tells me where I am and what I should do.I miss reading all those reviews and enjoying their companionship of my fellow bloggers.

Please do tell me. What Should I Read first - Suspense which is my all time favourite or Non - fiction which I also love reading, but could not review it in my two favourite blogs. Or should I read both books Simultanously.

Expecting a suggestion.

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