Thursday, October 25, 2012

I am big hearted...:D

October 26

I  got an award for my other blog - ' Passion Drops ' A time for celebration. As I mentioned in my previous post, at times I was forced to go on hiatus unwillingly as my situation demanded it. Getting an award during such a respite was indeed joyful.....

As usual, I have to answer 11 questions which has already been answered by the blogger who has nominated my blog for the award and also nominate five other blogs which I think the best. Does n't sounds like a big deal. But to me it was for I could not answer many questions asked. Strangely, the most difficult one was ' 11 random things about me '. I am not kidding, buddies...just blurting out truths. There were also many other questions like your most desired birthday gift, what would you like, mountains or beaches?, what is your last wish?....

I felt as If I am not replying to some simple, cordial queries but combating pure mathematics. Honestly, I really felt at sea that I had to look at my fellow blogger's list of answers to reply. Embarrassing, Is n't it? Since I do not want to adorn the crown of a committed hypocrite, I am openly admitting it....( How magnanimous):D

 To be honest, celebrating the coveted award and its ensuing procedures have to wait until I come up with solid answers about myself.

With this bitter truth, I am aspiring to spread my wings under the far fetched canopy and fly....Am I insane? That's what people say......sigh

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