Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Those happy days are back

It has been years since I woke up early to know where my story was heading. The curiosity hardly allowed me to sleep. To my joy, it happened when ever I read a good mystery. Forgetting time and space, I could travel with the characters. I have never been to places like Liverpool or Manhattan. But neither am I far away from them. I even felt the characters were aware of my presence. I could touch them and even speak to them. The feelings appealed to my heart.  Global barriers never existed for me.

But as the time flew, the interaction with them diminished. And then, it stopped all of a sudden. The distance grew. I became a stranger to them. I badly wanted to be with them but was not able to.

I still remember when my mom rebuked me for not helping her with the domestic chores. The picture was like this : I lay reading in the bed. She comes and start scolding. There comes a halo all around me including the bed. But her rebukes touches the halo and bounce back. It never reached me. I was engrossed in reading. Those were happy days. Unfortunately, it ended.

I thought either I  lost my innocence or become prejudiced that reduced all the fun while reading. But after so many years those happy days are back.

A few days ago, I got an unexpected break from my work. My mom fell ill and she had to undergo a surgery. In the hospital, I had to attend her all through the night for two days. She was put on iv drip. I had to alert the nurses when each bottle finished.

To keep me awake, I started reading a book. I was reading non – fiction then. Hence I decided to stick to a mystery to keep me cool. I started reading ' A little gentle sleuthing by Betty Rowlands. [ A murder  occurs in an English county. Incidentally, it happened to be the abode Melissa Craig, a renowned mystery writer chose to retreat in peace from the hustle and bustle of London and write a mystery. But the  murder occurs right under her nose. Melissa did not want herself to be included in real time sleuthing but end up doing the same]

Coming back to my story, my dad took my place after her operation. I was left all alone in my house. To my pleasant surprise, I was again into reading, forgetting once more the time and the space. When my mom returned, she  found the house in a mess. Rebukes ensued. But I was happily reading. Once again the halo encircled me. Even my mom could feel my happiness as her rebuke ended with a smile.

Maybe it was my hectic schedule that robbed me of my fun.


Anita said...

I love the joy of reading a real page-turner book, an experience that I haven't had in about 4 months. I believe that we do get so busy with other things and our brains won't allow us to truly relax.

My book club meeting is in a few days and I am hoping that our book choice will be spectacular.

I am glad that your mother did well with the surgery and hopefully and prayerfully, she will fully recover.

Shalet Jimmy said...

Thanks Anita....

Saumya said...

So glad your mom is okay and can relate to your wonder at a book that sparks the love for reading all over again. I just stayed up all night finishing a book for the first time in years. Enjoy this and I hope there are only more wonderful books in your future!