Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Have your ever felt the presence God so close ?

Have your ever felt the presence God so close ?

I have...

To be precise on October 20, 2.45 pm in the isolation ward of Ernakulam General hospital. I was there to write a story on the plight of patients who were dumped there by their family. Most of them were older people and suffering from cancer, HIV, mental illness. When I entered the ward, there was a man lying on a mat in the middle of the room. His cheerful face pulled me towards him. I knelt beside him to know more . 

He is Anwar Hasan from Karnataka. He could neither sit nor stand. There was a red kit placed near him which was full of devotional books. Everyday, he reads them religiously. And he was lying there for the past two years. My eyes welled with tears. But his pleasant face surprised me. There was no ranting and raving and no regrets. He was a lottery ticket seller. When he was paralyzed, his family abandoned him. But he never complained about them and said “ My father was also bed ridden and my mother had to spent her whole life looking after him. My father is dead and she is too old to look after me the way she was with my father. How could she be of any help to me? My brother is married and I do not want to be a stumbling block in his life.” 

He continued and surprisingly with no moist eyes “ You know why I have to endure this for I never prayed before. Now I do. And God comes to me everyday. Yesterday too ' Easappan',  (Malayalam word for Jesus) came and talked to me. Allah loves me. Krishna loves me. What do I want more from this life? I am his child now. Earlier, I was not.s

He was not stoic or trying to cope with the tragedy that struck his life. He was speaking from the heart and I could feel it. When he said Jesus talked to me, I could feel Jesus kneeling beside him and talking to him. I felt may be I was sitting where Jesus came and sat yesterday. I know,s I sound incredible. But that was what I felt. I am not religious but spiritual and I felt it, truly and honestly.


KParthasarathi said...

That was a moving post.It is amazing he has overcome his suffering,at least the mental part of it by taking recourse to Gods.One may believe or not,it is a fact that God touches the lives of the devoted in more than one way.Such incidents reinforces one's faith.Thanks

Anisha Ranjit said...

That's a special experience... I use to be skeptical about such stories or incidents- writing them off for psychological reasons...Now I've reached a state beyond doubts n skepticism where I believe it without questions when u say u felt the higher power next to that man.

Happy Kitten said...

That was very touching..and the way you have written it pierced my soul..where can I read more of your visit?