Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Dove and the Fish

Fluttering his wings, a white dove flew down and sat on the branch of a Banyan tree. It was travelling from afar. Tired of  a long journey, he walked on the branch of the tree which extended to the lake, to drink water. When the white dove stretched out his beak to the lake, he saw something shining with a golden hue, in the water. He drew out his neck as far as he could and as it beak touched the water, the golden hue flapped its tail and spurted water on its face. As the water fell on his face, he shut his eyes. When he opened it, he saw a beautiful golden fish with a coy smile.  Their eyes met and he fell for her. The next day too, fluttering its wings, the white dove came and landed on the same branch of the banyan tree and waited for her. And there she came swimming with her beautiful smile. Her heart sang and danced for him. Their tryst continued till they realised that they could not live without each other. 


The fish cannot leave water and live with the dove and the dove cannot come and live with the fish in the water. But they wanted to be together. Can you suggest a way out ?

You Can

If you can delve deeper and fathom the intensity of  ' Love'.


Anita said...

I have no answer for this beautiful, creative, and well written story. I've lost my youthful sense of "anything's possible." :)

Because my 3 daughters are teens, I've begun to wonder what their husband's will be like if they marry. Just yesterday, I was thinking of a friend's son - not as a candidate - but figuratively as someone who my girls could meet and be attracted to. The issue that I thought of, though, is that "he" is atheist and my girls are Christian. Can an atheist and a Christian be married? I would highly discourage it for my kids. The minute my daughter wants to give weekly contributions to the church, that would be the minute that her husband would ask himself, "What have I done?" lol

I have many atheist friends and associates and respect their beliefs, however, I believe atheism/Christianity is too big of a difference for a successful romantic relationship.

ps. I'm using a different sign in so my avatar won't be shown. This is Anita from Beyond the Diapers and Spills

Chatty Crone said...

I can't think of a way the two could get a long - but it was a deep story. Liked it.

KParthasarathi said...

The case of dove and fish is a physical impossibility.But in hypothetical cases like what Anita illustrated where two humans are involved the man-made differences can be overcome where the love is deep,sincere and not a mere infatuation and where both are willing to respect each other's views/beliefs and weather any storm.Easily said but well nigh difficult.Many have failed.There is no one fit all solution