Sunday, July 20, 2014

R.I.P Uncle

Sometimes dead can teach you a lot than the living.

My uncle died a few weeks ago. His demise came as a shock. He was not that old. No afflictions were ailing him. I was informed about his death about 4 am in the morning. He passed away at 3 am. As I was working in another district and it was early morning, I had to wait a few hours before I boarded a bus to his place. He was my father's second brother – in – law. Out of the three uncles ( aunts' husbands) , I liked him the most. It has been more than 20 years since we were drifted away from my father's family. Now we are on talking terms. But the ties are not so strong. A gap of 20 years had already wreaked its damage.

He married my aunt when I was about 6 or 7 years old. Memories about him were all pleasant- a calm and collected man who brings us, children, sweet smelling perfumes from Dubai. Last time, when I saw him, I could sense that he was shrunk – both mentally and physically. But the smile which he always had for us did not fade from his face. When I met him last, alive he was holding a glass of Johnnie Walker with his eyes lowered. Surprisingly, the smile lingered. Amidst that 'helplessness' was written all over his face. Something was gnawing at him. I still do not know what is it ? I regret that I did not ask him, that ? He would have responded to me.

Uncle's funeral was scheduled at 11.30 am. I reached there at 9 am. There was no ranting or raving. His wife was sitting a bit far away from him ( I do not want to describe him as a body ). Some of the relatives were sitting at a corner talking about many other things as if nothing happened. I could hardly see tears welling down in any of the eyes watching him. He lay there unwanted. He deserved much better for was a good man. If anything to dread in this life, it is this isolation. 

But his face seemed unusually calm. It felt as if his loneliness and helplessness finally ended. I am happy that his end came without troubling him much. It might be the fruit for all those helplessness and loneliness. He developed a cough and was brought to the hospital when it intensified. But the doctors said he was brought dead. RIP uncle...

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Anita said...

I am sorry for your loss.

The mystery of his helplessness and loneliness may be forever gone; though, it many may suspect why his life was what it was... even you.

It is good to know that he was loved and is thought of by you. Everyone deserves that.