Monday, September 21, 2015

The tranquil beach of The Madre De Deus Church, Vettukad, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Have a stroll along the tranquil beach of The Madre De Deus Church, Vettukad, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

 The Madre De Deus Church, Vettukad, Thiruvananthapuram  is a famous centre of pilgrimage, under the Latin catholic Arch Diocese of Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

I personally feel the best time to visit a church or a temple is the evenings especially, during twilight. Would it be too much if I say, during evenings, when I am in a church or in a temple, I'd feel so close with the universe or God. The feeling is difficult to put it in words but had always proffered me, inner peace. Why I said ' church and temple', because I hardly ever got the opportunities to visit religious places of other religions. If I get an opportunity, I would grab it.

I came here for the first time around four years ago. And I had something to seek from God. When you were focused on getting something, surrounding elements ( good or bad ) hardly come under your gaze. And it was after four years, I really saw the place in its beauty.

This church is on a sea shore. It is very near to Shankumugham beach, one of the famous tourist attractions of Kerala. Unlike it, the sea, here is calm. Years ago, there were hardly any tourists or people wandering on the shores. It used to be deserted. Not even the natives who lived nearby could be seen anywhere.

And it seemed the devotees were there just to pray and to frolic in the waves, they always had Shangumukham beach. I sometimes felt, the sea too understood that it should remain calm and should not interrupt the thoughts of the devotees.

This time, I just glanced around and saw the change happening to the place. The church is under renovation and the sea shore is no longer deserted and is abuzz with activities. Fishermen could be seen silently sitting and knitting their fishing nets. Country crafts were kept upside down. Under its shade, there were couples sitting immersed in their own world. Some were frolicking in the waves. When I walked a bit, I could see a grand father coming out of his hut with his grand children to sleep under the shade of a trees.

Even under the scorching sun, the vendors could be seen selling sliced mangoes, pine apples with a mix of chilli powder and salt, salted goose berries, roasted nuts, pop corns, ice- creams and what not. And people hardly left the beach even it is 8 pm.

It might not be wrong, if I say this place which is considered purely, a pilgrimage centre is slowly on its way to become a tourist destination. If you want to enjoy a solitary walk on the beach or sit just looking into the horizon without any bustling activity to interrupt your thoughts, Vettukad is the best option. The nearby Shankumugham is crowded, perhaps it might be the reason why people started opting this place.


Shadow said...

I can see why tourism is picking up, beautiful beaches, the church!, wow. It is really beautiful.

vidhun prakash said...

Nice writeup. Cover more places :)

vidhun prakash said...

Nice writeup. Cover more places :)

Shalet Jimmy said...

Thanks...Sure...I will.....