Friday, September 11, 2015

I want to be a thriller writer - But ?

The clock struck 12.
I closed my book.
I could feel a heavy burden on my chest.
I tossed and turned in my bed.
It took sometime before sleep kissed my brow. It was not deep. My eyes are closed. But I could read those words and it was appearing  as if in a tele-prompter. It was not anybody else's but mine. I woke up and it was gone.

 Hey! I started getting butterflies in my stomach. I went to the kitchen to drink some water. And, I had to turn on every lights to reach there. Went back to bed, but could not turn off the bed – lamp. A few hours ago, I was reading a ' Who dunnit' – a murder mystery.

So the question is “ Can I be a murder mystery writer?” if I start behaving like this.

Mary Higgins Clark had once told in her interview “ Look at your book shelf. What kind of books you have there. That is the kind of books you would like to read and write.” These are not her exact words but of course the essence.

Hence, I started a mission. I would read every Mary Higgins Clark ( Queen of Suspense ) and Agatha Christie ( Queen of Crime fiction).

 But after five to seven books, this above mentioned is what I experienced. I lost my sleep. Now, what I do is that I would head to the house after work, pour several mugs of chilled water ( I store water in a bucket in the morning. So that it would be too cold by the time I reach ) and have food ( prepared by me ). Then would read some light stuff and there I am fast asleep by 11 pm.

Of course, I have caught sleep with iron hands. But what about the sense of adventure I get while reading a murder mystery. I was not this scared when I was little. Now, I am. The point is : I do not want to miss all the fun. But I want a good night sleep and want to be murder mystery writer ( It should be a thriller) which can hold my readers on tenterhooks right from the beginning to its last. 

 What should I do?

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Shadow said...

Try it! Sleepless nights anyway or sleepless nights writing a thriller?

Anonymous said...

So fascinating!!! I believe in going for it and following your instincts. If there's a reason you gravitate towards something, listen to it... But without hurting yourself or stopping yourself from sleeping! Maybe you can find balance with reading murder or thriller related novels, ie reading them before a certain time of night or reading something else right before bed time. Just a thought! But I still stand by the idea of following your heart and write what comes naturally! :-) -Priya

Shalet Jimmy said...

Oh...Priya..That's a wonderful thought. I would do that. I have decided to read thriller stuff in the morning and read some other in the night. Thanks again....

Shalet Jimmy said...

Shadow...I will miss some fun in the night as I decided not to read thriller in the night. But I have convinced myself that things would change and soon I could revel in the night with a murder mystery in my hand.