Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bangalore diary - Part 1

Finally, I am in Bangalore. After 34 long years, I have managed to come outside my state - Kerala.

Just don’t remain a ‘ frog in the well’,

There is a wide world outside, some of my well – wishers have advised.

And, here I am…Out of the safe cocoon…. ( Was I really in a safe cocoon? We will discuss it some other time.)

To be honest,  I am yet to start seeing this world…I mean the place where I live now. I did not feel like ‘exploring’ Bangalore. Buildings all over with rarely any greenery to spot gives me head aches. For the time being, it is just office to hostel and vice – versa.

Though, the place has lot of restaurants, it hardly beckons me. Perhaps, I do not enjoy outside food, any more.

I live near a Mall and I went there twice. It is all crowded unlike the malls in Kerala and I felt claustrophobic.

Talking about people whom I met here, some are likeable and some not . Hey! It is the same in Kerala also.

And I have come across some staring eyes here. I was surprised because many who encouraged me to go to Bangalore said I would n’t find anything of this sort, here. …I said ‘staring’ and not ‘ Ogling’.

Whenever, I step out of the hostel, I wrap a scarf around my face. I thought I was preventing myself  from exposing to pollution. But, in course of time, I realised it gave me a sense of security….  From What?.....I really have no clue. Even after I have toned down, I do not want to take it off.

This place gives you a strange sense of anonymity that it can really scare you, sometimes.
I am happy inside the hostel once I am done with my work.

Knock….knock….I have also come across some real gossip mongers. The difference is you don’t hear gossips in your language.

There are a few things I also like….

Unlike Kerala, Bangalore is chilly and you get uninterrupted supply of hot water. Hence, I could enjoy hot showers twice a day. For the first time I felt, bathing has immense therapeutic effect. Besides, you need n’t be bothered about the dress you wear as you have to wear a sweater or a jacket to protect you from the cold.

My point is not to make negative remarks about the place. But all these above mentioned characteristics of this place made me think what makes a place likeable.

I think it is just a sheer 'Sense Of  Belonging' and what gives you that?

I will always be attached to the place where I am born. That is a bond made from birth. Then, what are the other things.

Now, to write more on that, I really would have to strain my brain…. ( Ok…I racked my brain for about 10 minutes…But nothing came out of it. I mean, I just did not get a clear picture to write about those things which gives a sense of belonging).

For the time being, it is a feeling for me – a feeling which only you can understand. There is no point in being somewhere, where you have no sense of belonging......

PS : I would like to remind you that it has been just 25 days since I arrived here. And there exists a high chance that in the days to come, I might tell you those things which really made this place dearer for me.


Chandrika Shubham said...

We all are emotional attached to the place where we are born but with time we have to search out the positive points in the city where we work despite of its pollution, traffic jams and bumpy roads. Hope you find too some in Bangalore.

Ya bathing with warm water is very soothing and relaxing too.

Enjoyed reading this post. :)

Abhilash Anandan said...

Found you on G+. Looked like you have a lot of knowledge to share. :) So, here I am, following your blogs!

Nice article chechi :)

Love of my hometown is something that has made me reluctant to go away from the place I love. Trivandrum. <3

Good luck to you!

mitali meelan said...

This was a nice piece. From what I read, Mumbai isn't all that different from Bangalore. I have never been there, but we do share the same pros and cons of living in a metro city. More staring, less ogling. The sense of anonymity. But then, once you've lived in these places, you never really want to leave.

Shalet Jimmy said...

Mitali...Now it has been 3 months. I am exploring the city now....