Friday, January 15, 2016

 I stay near this Mall.

Except a single upload, I haven't posted anything, this year. Maybe, I wanted to take it slow.

I wanted to tell you that I have shifted my base. Now, I am in Bangalore. It's been around 20 days since I reached here. And having a hard time adjusting to the new environment. Do not feel like making friends. But feels like eating Kerala food.

 After 5 long years of staying alone and cooking my own food, I have got a room mate as I am staying in a PG which is almost like a hostel with 80 inmates. In my place, it is just four or five girls in a PG. Thankfully, there are no such restrictions which makes your life horrible. But I will have to shift my place after February as my office will be shifted to some other place. 

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Lady Disdain said...

It's hard settling in to a new place. Hope you find some things, however small, to lift your spirits.