Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bangalore Diaries - Abby, I miss you

So Abby has returned to the US. We were working together in an NGO. I was 10 years older to her. But the age difference never came in between us. We were good friends. You hardly realise the intensity of a relationship until that person goes far away from you. Now she has gone and I miss her terribly. I am really sad.

If I am a bit late to the office, she would send a message asking ' Are you alright?'. If I am sick she would say " If you want anything just call me." And she lives far away from my place. I knew she would come if I needed any help and she really meant what she said. But I never acknowledged it. Maybe, I was a bit taken aback by the treatment meted out to me by so many manipulative women around me.

 I never thought I would miss her ' this much'. She came to India two years ago. She lived in Delhi and was working with many NGOs there. She learnt Hindi and then came to Bangalore about nine months ago. In these two years, she has travelled to 18 states in the country. She often used to get food poisoning but that did not deter her from relishing the Indian dishes.

She loved the Indian food and most of the days she would take me to a nearby restaurant where we get typical Kerala meals ( my native food). She was very particular that she would only take 'Sambhar' ( a vegetarian curry of South India) with rice rather than fish curry. The only thing I have asked her to refrain is from Coke while she is having her meals. She would always smile and say ' Yea, I know!"

Last time we met, she showed me a photograph enthusiastically where she was eating rice with her hand.

 I was amazed by the way she analysed things, people and surroundings. I was amazed by the way she looked at things objectively. Now, that's is a quality to admire. She was like a breath of fresh air amidst so manipulative women.

Girl! I MISS YOU SO MUCH ...God bless you.

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