Thursday, June 8, 2017

What do you call when a woman does that?

Yesterday, I was watching an interview called ' Koel on the Couch'. Koel Puri has interviewed many celebrities inside and outside the country ( India )on her couch and this was an interview with Tabu
( an actor from India of international acclaim).

One of her questions was about Tabu's relationship with Nagarjuna, another renowned actor in the Indian film industry. The actress who always valued her privacy answered it in a genteel way that they are friends and a strong bond exists between them and unfortunately, media has blown it out of proportion. ( I believe someone's personal life should not be of anyone's concern)

Pat came the interviewer's next question " Just that. You never had any physical contact with him."

She was dumbfounded for a second but said: " I am still connected to that family and do you think I would be a part of it if I had ."

We blame men a lot for anything and everything. But this question is asked by a woman.

Unfortunately, I have seen many women unabashedly asking this question and trying to pry into other women's lives rudely without caring others' emotions and privacy.

If men do that we can call them Perverts and laments that it's all because of Patriarchy.

What do you call when a woman does that?

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